Office of Advancement

The mission of the Office of Advancement is to engage prospective students, faculty, staff, alumni and donors in the life of Florida State University Panama City. Through events, integrated marketing and communications the goal is to increase enrollment, awareness and philanthropy.   

Our vision is to build a culture of engagement and transformation that supports and promotes the FSU brand promise on-campus to faculty, staff and students, within the community and to prospective students.


  • Becky Kelly, director, (850) 770-2151 • HAC A313 C •
  • Tammetrius Farmer, development coordinator, (850) 770-2168 • HAC A313 H •
  • Helen Johnson, website manager, (850) 770-2158 • HAC A313 J •
  • Kyle Middlemass, media specialist, (850) 770-2154 • HAC A313 I •
    Summer Toomey, assistant director, (850) 770-2153 • HAC A313 G •

Goals and Objectives

  • Increase alumni and donor engagement and giving 
  • Increase website functionality and user experience
  • Increase brand awareness within the community and target market
  • Increase number of quality applications through integrated marketing to drive enrollment growth


To discuss your graphic design project, contact Kyle Middlesmass at 770-2154 or

For writing and editing services, call Becky Kelly at 770-2151 or email

For assistance in promoting your on-campus or university-funded event, call Becky Kelly at 770-2151 or email

To schedule a photographer, call Becky Kelly at 770-2151 or email

FSU PC has a photo library for use among faculty and staff.


PSAs generally are short announcements for an upcoming event. They usually are written in a way that can be read on air within 30 seconds. Include the most important information, such as time, date and location, at the beginning of the PSA.

For PSA, writing and editing services, call Becky Kelly at 770-2151 or email


Press releases usually are longer than PSAs, hoping to draw the attention of a reporter for on-air or in-print coverage. They are written for publication verbatim, but usually are rewritten by an on-staff reporter. Write press releases with the inverted pyramid writing style (with the most important information first).

For press release writing and editing services, call Becky Kelly at 770-2151 or email

To discuss an upcoming or previous publication, call Becky Kelly at 770-2151 or email

To suggest a post on FSU Panama City's social media accounts, call Becky Kelly at 770-2151 or email

To create or update your page on the FSU Panama City website or to report broken links or errors, call Helen Johnson at 770-2158 or email


The FSU Panama City Stylebook was created to promote FSU and the FSU Panama City brand and image through consistent use of the university's name, logo, colors, fonts, graphics and writing style. Working together, each element helps evoke the university's mission and message to various audiences.

The purpose of this stylebook is to clarify standards and provide the tools that accurately reflect the university. Though not intended to answer every question, this stylebook addresses common institutional identity issues.

FSU Panama City encourages the use of our name and/or logo on all campus publications. To ensure accuracy and consistency, please review all off-campus advertising, event promotion, etc. with the Office of Advancement.

The Office of Advancement promotes student life, academic achievements, faculty/staff accomplishments, etc.

FSU Panama City Stylebook

FSU University Relations Brand Guide

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