Financial Aid Termination Explained

Please read the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy first.

Notice of a Financial Aid Termination means that all classes attempted - (enrolled in past the drop/add date) - at any institution - will be counted in the Satisfactory Progress review and may include:

  • Remedial Classes
  • ESOL classes
  • Classes marked as Withdrawals for any reason
  • Classes marked as Incomplete for any reason
  • Classes repeated for any reason
  • Classes with failing grades
  • Classes not accepted towards degree or not accepted for transfer credit.
  • Repeated classes, and classes not accepted for transfer credit, all count towards the number of hours Failure to meet the requirements of satisfactory progress and academic good standing will result in the suspension or termination of financial aid eligibility.

These are counted in the hours and the percentage calculations. This is key to understanding how Satisfactory Progress is calculated.


Financial Aid termination due to Satisfactory Progress means that you are not eligible for financial aid because you do not meet one of the Satisfactory Progress Standards. Either you have exceeded the maximum credit hours allowed, or you have failed to meet the Pace/percentage requirement.

Student Options


  • Satisfactory Progress hold for financial aid does not prevent a student from enrolling for classes. However, payment is the responsibility of the student and must be made as required by university policy.


  • If there are extenuating circumstances in the student's academic history - medical, family or academic circumstances that impacted the student's ability to complete classes enrolled within the framework specified, the student can submit a Satisfactory Progress Appeal.

Appeals should be submitted as soon as possible after notification of Satisfactory Progress Hold. For consideration for the fall term, appeals should be submitted no later than August 1. While appeals submitted after this time will be considered, students appealing after August 1 should be prepared to pay for all expenses in case the appeal is not approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often is Satisfactory Progress Calculated?

  • FSU evaluates Satisfactory Progress annually, after spring term grades are posted.

If I am submitting an appeal, what should I include?

  • Provide a reasonably detailed explanation of any coursework or terms that you did not complete (i.e. explain courses dropped, or terms of withdrawal).
  • If there was a medical or exceptional circumstance contributing to you not being able to complete the courses or terms, provide a brief explanation.
  • Provide documentation from medical or academic advisors to show exceptional circumstances.
  • Documentation from your faculty advisor indicating the remaining coursework required and an anticipated graduation date is also required for the Appeal review to be considered.

How do I submit an appeal?

  • Appeals should be turned in to the FSU Office of Financial Aid - UCA 4400 (University Center Building A - 4th floor) - Tallahassee, FL 32306-2430

For more information on the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy please visit the Office of Financial Aid.



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