Withdrawals, Readmission and Financial Aid

Withdrawals and Readmission

Returning students who withdrew from the University and have been absent for three or more consecutive terms, (including summer) must submit an application for readmission to the Panama City campus Readmissions’ section of the Office of Admissions. This application must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the beginning of the term for which readmission is desired. (Consult the Directory of Classes for specific application deadlines.)

Readmission After Multiple Withdrawals

When a student has withdrawn from the University three (3) or more times, subsequent readmission will be considered by the Multiple Withdrawals Committee whose charge is to assess the students’ capability of making satisfactory progress toward degree. This committee, appointed by the Council of Associate and Assistant Deans, will make a recommendation to the dean of the student’s academic college staff who will make a final decision.

Readmitted former students are subject to retention requirements in effect at the time of re-entrance. Students claiming classification as Florida residents must also re-establish their eligibility for this classification when applying for readmission.

The University reserves the right to refuse readmission to any student who has an unsatisfactory academic, conduct, or health record. Students who are denied readmission to the university may appeal that decision by filing a written petition with the appropriate academic dean’s office.

Withdrawals & Refund of Tuition

Students incur a liability for all credit hours that remain on their schedule of courses as of the end of the official drop/add period. The amount of this liability is identified on the Student Assessment Payment Schedule. Any amount paid in excess of the amount owed (assessed fee and outstanding University charges) during the term will be carried forward and will be applied against subsequent University charges incurred or may be refunded by request. Full refunds of tuition fees may be granted in instances of withdrawal from the University under the following conditions:

  1. Involuntary call to active military duty
  2. Death of the student or death in the immediate family (parent, spouse, child, sibling)
  3. Illness of the student of such duration or severity, as confirmed in writing by a physician, that completion of the term is precluded
  4. Cancellation of the course by the University
  5. Exceptional circumstances that could not have been foreseen and were beyond the control of the student, as approved by the University refund committee.

Students who withdraw after the fifth day of the semester/term but prior to the end of the fourth week of the semester (or for Summer sessions by the first twenty-five percent [25%] of the term) are eligible for a twenty-five percent (25%) refund of tuition and fees. After this period, students who withdraw are held fully liable for fees. Students who withdraw and have received federal financial aid (Title IV programs), state or university aid may be required to repay to the aid source the amount of unearned financial aid funds disbursed to them as of their withdrawal date as described in the section on Withdrawals and Return of Financial Aid.

Note: In the case where a withdrawal petition is approved, a refund can only be provided if the refund withdrawal request is submitted and completed within six (6) months after the end of the semester/term in which the withdrawal occurred. If financial aid is received by the student during the term in which the refund is granted, state and federal regulations may require that the refund be returned to the aid source. An application for a request for refund of fees should be submitted as follows:

Withdrawal for Financial Aid Recipients

Florida State University wants you to be aware of federal and state regulation changes that affect every university in the nation offering federal and state financial aid to students. If you are receiving financial aid or expect to receive it during an academic year, a withdrawal could affect your eligibility to receive or keep your financial aid.

Carefully review the information found at Withdrawal for Financial Aid Recipients regarding withdrawal and return of Financial Aid or contact Kathryn Morgan, FSU Panama City’s Financial Aid officer at financialaid@pc.fsu.edu or call (850) 770-2177.