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Professional Communication

The professional communication program at FSU Panama City offers a broad understanding of the principles of advertising, research methods, public relations and interviewing. With diverse array of required coursework, from writing press releases to reporting on product research, the program combines theory and application to help you convey your message effectively.

Further tailor the program with electives on graphic design, stress management or dispute resolution, then put your skills to the test by submitting advertising materials into the regional ADDY competition. A required one-semester internship helps you further hone your craft, putting you in industry business to solve real-world problems.

Students also can fast-track their careers through the accelerated program combining your bachelor’s degree with a master’s degree in corporate & public communication.



Communication is essential in every industry, and we offer you the tools necessary to convey your message effectively to a diverse audience.

A bachelor’s degree in professional communication allows you to understand your audience and develop messages that evoke the desired response.

Network with industry professionals

Students consult with real clients during coursework to develop business plans or present communication audits for area businesses.

Excel anywhere

Combine “hard” and “soft” skills to excel in any workplace, from business management and public relations to marketing and media.

Become a problem-solver

Clear communication allow you to shine, whether you are selling merchandise, maintaining relationships with clients or ensuring customers understand a product’s use.

Get the most out of your education

Experience a more well-rounded education to pursue your career or personal goals. Add an academic minor or a certificate to your degree program, or discover new interests through a student organization. Scroll through the links to learn more.