Organizational Management & Communication

The organizational management and communication (OMC) program at FSU Panama City is a new fully online major in the Professional Communication Master’s Degree program in the College of Applied Studies. The OMC program is a terminal master’s degree designed for graduate students to learn and apply essential communication, leadership, and organizational behavior management skills for being a successful leader or manager of any organization (e.g., military sectors, nonprofit industries, businesses, retail/hospitality/sales/human services settings). This program is ideal for working professionals, individuals interested in changing career paths, and students looking to advance in their careers or current organizations. This unique program consists of a one-of-a-kind blend of courses and content from the fields of Communication and Behavior Analysis (Organizational Behavior Management) to provide students superior training for leadership and management of groups of people – big and small – and for making impacts in their current and future workplaces. Upon graduation, students will acquire advanced knowledge and experience in integral communication and behavior-based approaches to leading and managing any organization, business, or group of people.



Communication is essential in any setting where people work with others, and in this interdisciplinary communication/behavior analysis program we provide you essential tools to be an effective – and inspiring – leader in any workplace, group, or organizational setting.

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A master’s degree in corporate and organizational management and communication prepares you for advancement within your current career or new opportunities.

 Coursework on your schedule

Fully on-line classes allow you the option to work full-time while continuing your education.

 Excel anywhere

Combine “hard” and “soft” skills to to make an impact in current and future workplaces.


Become a problem-solver

Learn essential tools to be an effective – and inspiring – leader in any workplace, group, or organizational setting.

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Experience a more well-rounded education to pursue your career or personal goals. Add a graduate certificate to your degree program, explore study abroad opportunities or discover new interests through a student organization. Scroll through the links to learn more.