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Dual Enrollment for High School Students

High School Dual Enrollment is a coursework acceleration program that allows qualified high school students to begin postsecondary coursework while earning credits toward the high school diploma. Dual Enrollment is available to local school district, private and charter school, and home school secondary students.

Participation in High School Dual Enrollment has several advantages for students planning to pursue a college degree. Early access to postsecondary courses will reduce the time and cost of completing a college degree with courses offered free of tuition and fees while you are still in high school. All dual enrollment course grades will become a permanent part of your college transcript and will be factored into future applications to other colleges and universities.


Summer dual enrollment courses

All-remote coursework Summer C (June 21 – July 31)
Introduction to Education
(EDF 1005)

Offers students a broad view of human learning, the “why” behind schooling and education in American, along with a “behind the scenes look” at schools, educational policy, and leadership. Students will engage with each other to discuss current trends and issues in education and will complete field experiences online via social media.

Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism
(HFT 1000)

This course offers an introductory review of the segments, disciplines, career opportunities, and current issues in the hospitality industry.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship 
(ENT 2000)

This course exposes students to the knowledge and skills required to be a successful entrepreneur. Topics include challenges of entrepreneurship, marketing and financial concerns, and management issues.

English: Research, Genre, and Context 
(ENC 2135)

This course stresses the importance of critical reading, writing, and thinking skills. It also focuses on teaching students how to develop proper research skills, which will allow them to effectively incorporate outside sources in their writing. In addition, this is a required course for all students enrolled at Florida State University.


A secondary student must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible to participate in the High School Dual Enrollment Program at Florida State University:

  • Must be a secondary student with a 3.9 weighted high school GPA on a minimum of 12 graded credits to include:
    • 2 English credits
    • 2 mathematics credits, one of which must be Algebra II or higher
    • 1 science credit with lab
    • 1 social studies credit
  • Must have the following ACT or SAT standardized test sub-scores:
  • Reading 21
  • English 21
  • Math 21
  • Evidence-based Reading & Writing 530
  • Math 530
  • Must meet any course prerequisites as set forth in the University undergraduate catalog, and transcript must show proof of credit for prerequisite course requirements to enroll, if applicable.
  • Provide proof of immunizations and health history form.
  • Must be free of any charges of scholastic and behavioral misconduct at any educational institution. Must be free of any violation of the law which did/may result in probation, community service, jail sentence, revocation or suspension of driver's license, or a traffic violation that resulted in a fine of $200 or more. Must be free of any felony charge, even if adjudication has been withheld.
  • A 3.0 FSU GPA is required for students to continue in the High School Dual Enrollment Program at Florida State University.

The application process

step 1: Meet with your school counselor

Your school counselor must indicate you have permission for dual enrollment and meet the eligibility requirements. Students must submit the School Counselor Approval Form to the Office of Admissions & Records at FSU PC before meeting with an admissions officer.

Home school students must complete the Home School Course Request Form and Articulation Agreement and provide proof of enrollment in a home education program along with verification of grade level and performance such as tests and transcripts. If the student has prior college credit, please provide a copy of the college transcript.

Step 2: Create a New student FSUID

The FSUID is required on the dual enrollment application materials and must be created before completing the application.

If a first-time student has a prior association with the University such as employment, attended a camp, been a student at FSUS, etc., please call the Panama City Office of Admissions & Records at (850) 770-2160 or before attempting to create a new FSUID.

All other new students must create their FSUID prior to the advising appointment. Students will need their Social Security Number.

Step 3: complete application forms

All applicants must complete the following forms every semester in black or blue pen (not pencil) and include the FSUID created in Step 2.

Step 4: Schedule an advising & enrollment appointment

Students must attend an advising appointment in order to select their class schedules. Students will need to have all forms on file in the Panama City Office of Admissions & Records before making the advising appointment. To schedule an appointment, call the Office of Admissions & Records at (850) 770-2160 or email

Have questions about dual enrollment?

Contact the Office of Admissions & Records at (850) 770-2160 or Check out the FSU Panama City Dual Enrollment Student Guide (pdf)

Learn about other dual enrollment courses offered through ACE Dual Enrollment (Tallahassee)

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