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Withdrawal Procedures

Florida State University Panama City understands that a student's enrollment may be unexpectedly interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances (personal, family, medical or mental health reasons and/or other crises). Students who must leave during a current semester must officially withdraw (all classes) through the FSU Dean of Students Withdrawal Services and with the guidance of the Office of Student Affairs at FSU Panama City.

If a withdrawal is necessary, it is best to start with the academic dean of your college to discuss the implications and viability of withdrawn, as well as any alternative academic options that may exist.

Student Support &
Disability Services
Kimberly Leath, EdD Coordinator
Barron, room 215
(850) 770-2172

FSU Panama City's withdrawal advisor will explain the withdrawal application process at its various states, refers students to their academic dean and offers other university support services as needed. Students are notified of the final decision in writing and a university record of the completed withdrawal is maintained.

For important dates and deadlines, carefully review the current Registration Guide, which includes the academic calendar and withdrawal deadlines.

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