Withdrawal Procedures

Every college student, at some point, faces the possibility of enduring a hardship that may require withdrawal from the university.

Florida State University Panama City understands that a student's enrollment may be unexpectedly interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances (personal, family, medical or mental health reasons and/or other crises). Students who must leave during a current semester must officially withdraw (from all classes) through the FSU Department of Student Support and Transitions and with the guidance of the FSU Panama City Academic Advising team at FSU Panama City.

Please note that a request for withdrawal means withdrawing from ALL courses for the semester. 

If you wish to drop a course, but remain enrolled in more than 1 credit hour, then a course drop request may be more appropriate. Be sure and consult with your academic advisor to discuss your options.  

If a withdrawal from all courses in a semester is necessary, it is best to start with your academic advisor to discuss the implications and viability of withdrawing, as well as any alternative academic options that may exist.

FSU Panama City's withdrawal counselor is also available to explain the withdrawal application process at its various stages, refer students to their appropriate academic deans/college staff and provides referrals to other university support services as needed. Students are notified of the final decision in writing and a university record of the completed withdrawal is maintained.

General Information:

  • To initiate the Withdrawal Process students must first discuss their circumstances with their Academic college’s Dean’s staff.
  • If the Dean’s staff supports your request, they will refer you to the Office of Withdrawal Services to initiate a withdrawal by completing several forms online.
  • The student will contact the FSU Office of Withdrawal Services. The withdrawal process will be explained and the student will either be referred to his or her academic Dean’s staff OR the withdrawal application will be assigned to the student’s FSU’s “To Do List” in their myFSU portal for completion and submission.
  • Once the university’s Withdrawal application has been submitted, the Withdrawal Staff will forward the application to the student’s Academic Dean’s staff for review.
  • The Office of Withdrawal Services staff (located on the Tallahassee campus) will centrally facilitate the process through the appropriate university officials.
  • The finalization of the withdrawal is non-reversal.

Returning undergraduate degree-seeking students who have withdrawn from the University and have been absent for three or more consecutive semesters (including summer), must submit a Re-admission application to FSU Panama City.

For questions or guidance regarding withdrawing from all courses in a semester, please meet with/contact your PC campus academic advisor or you may contact:

  • Jim Allen
  • Director, Academic & Registrar Services
  • jwallen@fsu.edu
  • 850-770-2161

For important dates and deadlines, carefully review the current FSU Registration Guide, which includes the academic calendar and withdrawal deadlines for each semester.

Additional information related to withdrawals, readmission, FSU’s tuition refund policy and financial aid can be found at Withdrawals, Readmission and Financial Aid

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