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    We believe in promoting educational excellence through providing educators with professional skills, creating quality learning opportunities for K-12 students, cultivating regional partnerships and developing new STEM education programs.

STEM Institute

FSU Panama City is committed to promoting STEM excellence from piquing the curiosity of a student in the primary grades to linking university students to high school students who are considering a career in STEM. The FSU Panama City STEM Institute is tasked with making this commitment a reality and with bringing into schools, classrooms and other learning environments in the region the expertise and resources that focus on STEM and on creating the STEM professionals of the future.


Update for summer STEM activities

Stewards of the Earth

Thank you for your interest in the FSU Panama City Summer STEM Camps.  Due to the current health guidelines, these camps are cancelled.  Please visit this site at a later date for learning opportunities as they become both available and feasible.
Ginger Littleton
Director, FSU Panama City STEM Institute

Nuclear science camp

Due to the Corona virus public health guidelines, this camp will be delivered in an online format.  Registration is strictly limited to twenty high school students.  Students will be expected to perform activities at home as well as meet online at set times for guided learning and guided tours of some national facilities such as Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Ginger Littleton
Director, FSU Panama City STEM Institute

High school students: July 13-16

Gain an initial understanding of nuclear energy, the processes that create it,and the uses for it with three days of hands-on gamma-ray spectroscopy activities, an examination of our campus for radioactivity using Geiger counters, and a visit to the John D. Fox Superconducting Accelerator Laboratory at Florida State University in Tallahassee.

Free • Presented by The National Nuclear Security Administration

Camp is full, but sometimes circumstances preclude attendance.  In the case of an opening, wait-listed students will be contacted in the order in which applications were received.


About Us

The FSU Panama City STEM Institute is located on the beautiful campus of FSU Panama City with access to millions of dollars of amazing learning space, state-of-the-art equipment and expertise in many areas of STEM from engineering to forensics, from finance to communication. The STEM Institute then links these resources to educators, to businesses, and to school districts to expand the scope and reach of STEM in the region.

The FSU Panama City STEM Institute provides learning opportunities for educators in the form of professional development, combining practicing STEM professionals with practicing educators as each learns the work of the others. By fully understanding the work of STEM professionals, educators are better equipped to understand the knowledge and skills required and to translate that into classroom practices. Whether it is a Summer STEM Camp for middle and high school students, an opportunity to dive the Gulf waters in the Summer High School SCUBA Lab, or to learn to program VEX robots, the STEM Institute is the hub of STEM experiences in the region.

The STEM Institute provides the environment and the technical expertise to infuse and to support STEM interest and learning in the region. Whether students are learning in classrooms and laboratories with state-of-the-art technology or exploring the Gulf floor with side-scan radar, the STEM Institute’s focus remains on capturing student interest in STEM careers.

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Ginger Littleton

FSU Foundation STEM Liaison
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Nuclear medicine & science camp for professionals

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