Seaworthy STEM Kit

Seaworthy STEM Kit is a collaboration between Florida State University in Panama City and the Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division to develop innovative and exciting STEM education opportunities for elementary, middle, and high school students that encourage careers in STEM fields. Each “kit” contains materials and curricula aligned to state and national standards for use in classrooms and educational settings.

Who can participate?

Schools, teachers, and educational professionals are encouraged to use Seaworthy STEM Kit materials with students to provide authentic and exciting STEM experiences that will inspire and inform. Seaworthy STEM Kit is available to elementary, middle, and high school schools in the Florida panhandle.

How can I access Seaworthy STEM Kit materials?

Contact the STEM Institute at FSU in Panama City to obtain Seaworthy STEM Kit curriculum and materials to use in your classroom or school at no cost. For more information email

Is Seaworthy STEM Kit training provided?

Yes! Teachers and educational professionals are encouraged to attend Seaworthy STEM Kit trainings that will equip them to use the curriculum materials for optimal success in the classroom.