Welcome to the Digital Design Studio

Students, faculty, and staff are welcome!

Located in the Robbins Center for Academic Excellence and Innovation, the Digital Design Studio (DDS) has become a creative hub and center of student life. Drop in to study, work on a school project or just hang out. Experience 3D printing, gaming, virtual reality or check out all the creative equipment the space has to offer. The DDS is open to all students in all academic majors.

How can we help?

We can offer feedback at all stages: planning, in-progress, and revising. You can make an appointment or stop by to discuss or review digital projects.

Specific Projects: All of our Digital Studio technicians can offer general feedback on projects. We also have areas of interest and programs that we work with more frequently. For help with a specific program, view each appointment bio to learn their specialty areas.

Digital Studio consultants can help you at any stage of your project:

  • Provide feedback on digital project content and design
  • Facilitate collaboration ideas for group projects and presentations
  • Explain the interface of a digital design program

Just need a space to work? Anyone who visits the Digital Design Studio is not required to work with a technician. The Digital Studio is open for all FSU students, faculty, or staff who would prefer to work on their own to complete assignments/projects.