2021 Student Symposium Awards

High School Awards
Award  Student   High School  Research
Best Methodology Madeleine G. Wilson N. Bay Haven  Protein Concentrations in Cows' Milk from the Four Stages of Lactation
Best Presentation Samuel D. Dunyak  N. Bay Haven The Relationship Between Religious Beliefs and Political Views
Undergraduate Awards
Award  Student   Research
Best Overall Wendy L. Slattery Efficiently Automating Chemical Nanofilm Imaging Extractions
Best Methodology Colin R. Jones Impact of Topical Inhibitors on Corrosion Rates for ASTM A569 Steel
Best Presentation Benjamin Earnest  Efficacy of Online Education in Grade School 
Graduate Awards
Award  Student   Research
Best Overall  Marwa N. Abdelkader Community Data Initiative: Box Turtles
Best Methodology Jeremy Scott Brannon  How Are You Feeling? An exploration of the relation between student perceptions and academic achievement
Best Presentation Everett Tyndall, Jarred Kinder, & Robert Hay Post-COVID-19 Workspace Design

For more details about these research project: Student Research Symposium Program