Hospitality & Tourism Management

Hospitality & Tourism Program at FSU Panama City

Hospitality & Tourism Management

Bachelor of Science

The Hospitality and Tourism Management major is student focused and industry driven, guided by best practices and a global perspective. You'll receive a unique personalized experience every step of the way along your academic journey. The industry engagement, internships and student activities in this major will prepare you for a career in making other people's comfort, enjoyment and happiness your business.

Nationally Ranked

Ranked 4th in US by the 2022 Global Ranking of Academic Subjects

Globally Ranked

Ranked 13th worldwide by the 2022 Global Ranking of Academic Subjects

Increasing Demand & Job Growth

Hospitality is a growing field with a global job market.

What can I expect from the Hospitality & Tourism Management Program?

The Dedman College of Hospitality has prepared students for leadership positions in hospitality management for almost 70 years (since 1947). The college employs a global approach to prepare students to serve a multinational clientele and to fill the growing international demand for hospitality industry managers. We offer personalized classroom and industry experiences, and our hospitality courses are taught by both Panama City and Tallahassee-based faculty. Throughout your academic journey, you will be guided by our family of faculty and staff. We will provide you with opportunities to develop your knowledge, put it into practice and engage with global industry leaders in the dynamic field of hospitality management.

Requirements & Coursework

What degrees or certifications are offered in this program?

Majoring in Hospitality Management will award a Bachelor of Science. This program is also offered as a minor.

What types of careers could this program prepare me for?

Graduates of the Hospitality & Tourism Management program are prepared for job titles such as: Hotel or Restaurant General Manager, Director of Operations, Director of Food and Beverage, Guest Service Director, Meeting Planner, Cruise Line Director, Events Manager, Casino General Manager Representative Employers: Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Tourism Organizations, Health Care Associations, Higher Education Institutions, Professional Associations, Retail Stores, Casinos, Cruise Ships, Theme Parks.


Hear what students and industry leaders have to say

LaQuana Cooper

"This is the perfect place for students to immerse themselves in the hospitality industry."

— LaQuana Cooper
Class of 2019

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"Getting a degree in hospitality … gives you such a step up. You have the base knowledge that helps you get your foot in the door."

— Patrick Murphy
St. Joe Company, Senior Vice President

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"If you have a passion for hospitality, you can’t find anything better than Florida State’s program. It really trained me to excel in my career."

— Stacey Herndon
Resort Collection, VP of lodging

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"[Hospitality] is not just one slice of pie … it uses every aspect of different levels of study."

— Kimberly Shoaf
Mexico Beach Community Development Council president

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