Computer Science

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Computer Science

Bachelor of Science or Arts

Computer science is an exceptionally fast-moving field where knowledge is subject to rapid obsolescence and ideas progress swiftly from research to practice. The computer science major offers a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts and provides technical instruction that stays on the cutting edge of new developments while simultaneously providing each student with a core of intellectual tools that will never become obsolete.

The program offers a systems view of computing, emphasizing the interdependence of design, object orientation and distributed systems and networks, from basic software through systems design. Focusing on a variety of programming languages, this major develops core competencies in programming, database structure, computer organization and operating systems.

Students are prepared for careers in computer science through extensive experience with the most advanced tools, techniques, and platforms. By adapting to new technologies and methodologies, students will remain current in the field of computer science.

Students can expect to become proficient at programming in C, C++ and Assembly Language and will be introduced to other languages such as Java, C#, Ada, Lisp, Scheme, Prolog, Perl and HTML preparing them for a wide variety of job opportunities.

The median annual wage for computer programmers was $97,800per year, with the highest 10 percent earning more than $157,690, according to the 2022 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment in this field is expected to grow faster than average.

What can I expect from the Computer Science Program?

Computer science is a lucrative field with a need for analytic and creative thinkers. Focusing on a variety of skills and languages, the program will ensure students have the technical and critical thinking skills to succeed in a world of ever-changing technology.

Students will develop core competencies in programming, database structure, computer organization, and operating systems as well as a solid foundation in mathematics and problem solving. Study a range of aspects of computer and information science, such as information security, data communications/networks, computer and network system administration, theoretical computer science, and software engineering. Every student is expected to become proficient at programming in at least three different languages.

Graduates will be able to identify and solve significant problems across a broad range of application areas and communicate these solutions professionally using sound principles of theoretical foundations and mathematics. They will understand the impact of computing on society, and apply ethical, social and professional responsibilities in the profession with a love of life-long learning and new technologies.

What degrees or certifications are offered in this program?

Tuition Waiver

These programs are eligible for the Strategic Emphasis Waiver, which could save you up to 50% on applicable course fees. Learn more about the program.

What types of careers could this program prepare me for?

Computer science is about more than just coding; it is about solving problems in creative ways. From smartphones to websites, programmers are behind the scenes changing the way people share information and view the world. Students who graduate from this program will have access to a wide variety of job opportunities throughout the world. Graduates can expect to be well compensated for their skills and can expect to be on the cutting edge of new technology. 

Graduates will be prepared for a variety of positions including: Programmer (Scientific, Business, Systems), Technical Writer, Systems Analyst, Operations-Research analyst, Software Engineer, Webmaster, Teacher of High School, Technical support Representative, Manager, Data Processing System Manager, Network Administrator, Sales Representative for Computer or Software Manufacturers.