Spring/Fall/Summer Enrollment FAQs

Go to the Registration Guide and choose the semester you plan to enroll in to see if your enrollment appointment window has opened. It is very important for you to enroll in your courses as soon as possible to secure the schedule you need and to qualify for any financial aid to cover your tuition.

All students must acknowledge Financial Responsibility for the courses they enroll in. Until you do this you won’t be able to register for classesInformation about the policy and how to acknowledge responsibility is found on the Student Resources page.

FAQs before you enroll:

I need to meet with an advisor so I know what to take. Who is my advisor?

I can’t remember how to search for/enroll in courses. Is there someplace online that can help?

I have a registration hold. How can I get it removed?

  • In your myFSU portal click on the link for your hold to read how to clear it. You may also contact the Panama City Office of Admissions and Records at 850-770-2160 for assistance.
  • If you have a large financial hold contact the Cashier’s office or Financial Aid office to explore your options.

What is the deadline to register for classes?

  • Students may determine the deadlines for registering for classes by reviewing the Enrollment Appointments for the corresponding semester’s Registration Guide.
  • Waiting until the beginning of drop/add to register for a class will result in a $100 late fee! Please make sure you have at least one class on your schedule by the end of the open enrollment period for each semester to avoid the $100 late fee! 
  • You can make schedule adjustments when Drop/Add begins for each semester.

I plan to graduate this fall but I didn’t apply online. Can I still apply to graduate?

  • Students must apply online during the first three weeks of the semester you plan to graduate in. Instructions for how to apply to graduate may be found on the Apply to Graduate page.
  • The Panama City Campus holds its graduation commencement EACH spring semester. If you plan to graduate in the summer or fall and would like to participate in the Panama City campus spring Commencement, please contact the Admissions & Records office. Additional information regarding the Panama City spring Commencement may be found on our General Information page.

If you have any questions regarding applying for graduation, please do not hesitate to visit or contact the us:

Office of Admissions
Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Thursday
8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Friday
108 Barron Building
Phone: (850) 770-2160 • Toll Free (866) MyFSUPC (866-693-7872)