Student Government Council Committees


The purpose of the bylaws of Florida State University Panama City Student Government Council is to provide SGC with rules of order and internal operating procedures to assist in its effective execution of duties and responsibilities.


The SGC Elections Committee coordinates campus elections for SGC representatives and annual awards presented at the Graduation Banquet and Awards Ceremony each spring. The committee also works to increase campus awareness of and access to local, state, and national elections.

Health & Wellness

The SGC Health & Wellness Committee coordinates intramural sports, health and wellness activities, and promotes resources both on and off campus for overall student well-being.


The SGC Programming Committee plans, coordinates, and executes events that encourage student life. These events include Welcome Back Weeks and Stress Less Weeks.

SGC Scholarships & Awards

The SGC Scholarships & Awards Committee coordinates the nomination and selection process for the SGC Scholarship and annual awards. Additionally, the committee manages all prizes and awards for sponsored events, including Homecoming Week.



The SGC Service Committee coordinates service opportunities for students and builds relationships with local non-profits to promote service opportunities in the community.

Special Events

The SGC Special Events Committee plans, coordinates, and executes special events on campus. These include Homecoming Week and 'Nole Fest, Spring Fling, the Graduation Banquet and Awards Ceremony, and Summer Bash.