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Celebrating 30 Years of Lifelong Learning!


Message from Council President Steve Howard

Thanks to all of our volunteers on our Advisory Council, our members, and our partners at FSU PC.

An OLLI at FSU, PC30A membership provides access to a broad range of classes from both Tallahassee and PC30A, including captivating Zoom classes, small experiential classes, outdoor activities, and most importantly, opportunities to learn, travel virtually, safely connect with others, and support life-long learning along 30A.

We are excited to share that, for this semester OLLI at FSU, PC30A members will be able to choose among dozens of different classes.

Please look at our options for this term at Membership, Class and Activity Registration.   
We believe that this is what lifelong learning is all about and we are incredibly grateful and proud to be part of the OLLI at FSU family.  

Most importantly we hope that you and your family are staying safe and healthy.  

Steve Howard 

(850) 376-4627 •   


REGISTRATION for fall 2021 begins September 15 at 9 a.m. CT

OLLI at FSU, PC30A will offer educational non-credit courses as well as entertainment through classes, field trips, socials, special events and travel. Courses cover a wide range of topics including art, sports, history, literature, science, music, etc. It is stress-free learning with no homework, no grades and no degrees required.  

Designed as a member-centered organization, OLLI allows students to expand their intellectual horizons, engage in social activities, participate in volunteer opportunities and hold key leadership positions within the organization. International study abroad programs and other travel is also available.

Funding: The majority of the funding will come from membership dues, course fees and additional sponsors. Donors also can contribute to the local PC30A fund through the FSU Foundation to help expand course offering, lectures and other activities.

Class locations: Seaside Town Hall, St Joe Corp Campus, Ohana School and the Seaside REP

Local Mission: While the mission of OLLI at FSU is to promote a community of lifelong learning through intellectual, social and cultural programs, simultaneously this partnership can also be working with other local 30A cultural organizations.


Advisory Council

Steve Howard, Council President
Billy Buzzett, First Vice President
Sam McInnis, Vice President, Curriculum
Lettye Burgtorf, Curriculum
Julie Martin, Curriculum
Bill Potter, Secretary
Fred Buehler, Communications

Contact OLLI at FSU, PC30A

Lisa Jefferson, Learning Coordinator at (850) 644-3520



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