Employee Tuition Scholarships

FSU Panama City (FSU Employee Tuition Waiver)

Application Procedure for FSU Classes

  1. Receive approval from supervisor and department head using the official Employee Tuition Scholarship application.
  2. Register during the regular registration period for classes that are eligible for the Employee Tuition Scholarship program.  Online registration is available by logging into my.FSU, click on Secure Apps, and select the Register for Classes link.  Reference the FSU-PC Registration Guide for dates and times to register (check pc.fsu.edu for up-to-date admissions deadlines, see “Registration Windows”).  Resolve any work and class meeting time conflicts with your supervisor.
  3. Once registered, personally deliver the original application to the Panama City Admissions & Records Department (Glenda Buckland).  Faxes will not be accepted.  At that time, academic eligibility will be verified.
  4. Once the Admissions Office has verified the course and FSU GPA eligibility, the Employee will take the original Tuition Scholarship application to Brent Bookout immediately during regular business hours.  For Sessions C and LW8 see guide for date.
  5. Upon completion of the tuition scholarship process, the FSU Human Resources office will verify employment status and notify the Registrar and Controller’s Office of any inconsistencies with employment eligibility requirements. 

Note: When you check your fees, this tuition scholarship will appear as a department billing.  It may be revoked if eligibility requirements are not met and you will be responsible for the payment of the tuition.

Gulf Coast State College application pdf (the procedure is the same).

State Employee Tuition Waiver (State Employees)

Florida State University Panama City looks forward to providing state employees with an opportunity to pursue their academic goals on our campus. For instructions on using the tuition waiver at FSU Panama City, see the State Employee Tuition Waiver.

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