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State Employee Tuition Waiver

Florida State University Panama City looks forward to providing state employees with an opportunity to pursue their academic goals on our campus. PLEASE NOTE: There have been recent changes to the State Employee Tuition Waiver process in an effort to make it easier for you to register for the courses you need. State Employees may now register for courses during the appropriate registration window instead of waiting until the 5th day classes. However, it is important that you read/follow the instructions on the form below. Please take the time to carefully review the document found on this page and contact the FSU Panama City campus Human Resources office at (850) 770-2113 OR the Admission and Records Office at (850) 770-2311 if you have any questions. 


Space Available Limitations
Florida State University does not accept State Employee Waivers for the following:

  • Graduate courses in the Colleges of Law and Medicine
  • Undergraduate limited-access programs
  • Dissertation, thesis, directed individual study (DIS), internship or other one-on-one courses
  • Audited courses
  • Center for Academic and Professional Development
  • All non-state funded courses (including some distance learning courses that are funded solely by student tuition and fees).

For instructions on how to search for state-funded courses, please see the How To Search for & Add a Class to Your Shopping Cart help topic. Please note the special instructions under step six.

Degree-seeking state employees planning to enroll in one of the above course categories may pay tuition out-of-pocket or may apply for financial aid. For tuition payment information, please refer to the Student Business Services website. Degree-seeking state employees may register for such courses during the normal registration windows. For registration information, please refer to this semester's Registration Guide.

For a complete list of limited-access programs, please click here to view the University General Bulletin.

Returning students who were registered in any of the previous three terms can proceed directly to the Registration section below. All other prospective students must pursue admission to the University. State employee registration and fee waiver processing cannot be performed for students who have not been admitted to the University


  1. Please complete the form indicating the courses you wish to take and have your supervisor and agency head (or designee) sign the waiver form.
    NOTE: Florida State University accepts only the official FSU State Employee Tuition Waiver Form. Agency-specific forms, such as the Intent to Apply form, are not valid for use in this process.
  2. After you complete the tuition waiver form with the appropriate agency signatures, you must take the form to the respective FSU academic department for review. The FSU academic department certifies if space is available in the course. An FSU academic departmental official must sign the form before registration will be processed. Faxes are not accepted.
  3. Register for state-fundable courses during your normal registration window. For instructions on how to search for state-funded courses, please see the How To Search for & Add a Class to Your Shopping Cart help topic. Please note the special instructions under step six.
  4. Scan and email the completed FSU State Employee Tuition Waiver Form (pdf) to For more information visit

Immunization Requirements
The Florida Legislature has mandated that, in addition to providing proof of immunization for Rubeola and Rubella measles, all university students must be informed of the risks of meningitis and hepatitis B infections. Incoming students are required to either show proof of immunization or sign a waiver declining the vaccines for meningitis and hepatitis prior to being permitted to register. Since this is a new requirement, please visit the University Health Services Website at or call (850) 644-3608 for more information. Information about the immunization requirements is included in the acceptance packet for newly admitted, readmitted, degree seeking, and special students.

As students at Florida State, state employees are eligible to obtain an FSUCard. To obtain an FSUCard, please the Student Affairs office on the 2nd floor of the Barron Building during normal operating hours or call (850) 770-2170


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