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Meet the ECAP team

Amy Polick, PhD, BCBA-D

Associate Dean of
Academic Affairs
ECAP Development Director

Nikki Dickens, program director

Nikki Dickens, EdD, BCBA

ECAP Program Director

Kolton Sellers training coordinator

Kolton Sellers, MS, BCBA

Assistant Director

Dakota Januchowski, MS, BCBA

ECAP Clinical Coordinator


Amanda Pavlus

Administrative Specialist




What makes ECAP unique?

ECAP-Team Hierachy

  • BCBA supervisors oversee all ABA therapy and treatment plan implementation and provide direct supervision and consultation with each child/family.
  • Case managers develop and implement evidence-based treatment plans under the supervision of a BCBA.
  • Behavior therapists are trained personnel who provide direct 1:1 therapy and teaching.
  • Directed study individuals are undergraduate student at Florida State University who assists the behavior therapist in ABA sessions.
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