Fieldwork at ECAP

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As a nonprofit autism program conveniently located on campus at FSU Panama City, ECAP is the first choice for many students seeking their graduate degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at Florida State University. 

What You Will Experience

ECAP provides in-home and community-based services for families in need—including school consultations.  First year students are assigned a BCBA mentor while working with multiple other BCBAs in order to ensure a diverse interaction experience while they acquire the skills necessary to successfully transition to a 2nd year student and case manager.  In their 2nd year, as an ECAP Case Manager, graduate students act as a team leader under the case’s assigned BCBA, practice supervision, and work alongside the BCBA to learn more about professional and management skillsets.  

What We Offer

ECAP offers weekly group supervision meetings throughout each semester on a variety of clinical and professional topics such as functional analyses, consultation skills, billing, clinic management, fundraising, community involvement, dissemination, and problem-solving.   ECAP offers financial assistance for attending the annual FABA conference (mandatory for all graduate students) as well as opportunities to conduct research on site.  Finally, ECAP offers the Early Immersion Program for incoming graduate students who choose to relocate in the summer prior to beginning their classes.  This program allows students who want to meet their clients, receive additional clinical training, and fully prepare for the start of their academic journey to do so before the start of fall classes.  In addition, ECAP also offers an exclusive Post-Graduate Clinician job opportunity following graduation.  This competitive role provides a familiar environment for new graduates to prepare for the BACB® examination and allows for a newly certified BCBA “to supervise within a carefully designed support system” (BACB, October 2017, pg. 3).  This experience affords advanced supervisory, billing, and business practice training.  
To obtain an application and join our team, contact us at or call us at (850) 770-2241.