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Combined BS/MS Professional Communication program

Program faculty

Laurie Lawrence, PhD
Holley A-111-K

Stan Lindsay, PhD
Holley A-111-F

Brian Parker, PhD
Holley A-111-M
(850) 770-2295

Mike Wallace, PhD
Holley A-111-M
(850) 770-2246

Program description

The combined bachelor’s/master’s program in communication enables academically strong students to complete BS and MS degrees at an accelerated pace. At FSU Panama City campus, a total of thirty-six (36) undergraduate communication course hours is required of students who wish to complete an undergraduate degree in Professional Communication. A total of thirty-three (33) hours of course work is required of students seeking a graduate degree in Corporate and Public Communication. The Combined BS/MS Degree allows up to twelve (12) credit hours of face-to-face graduate communication coursework to be dually counted toward both the BS & MS degree. 

Admission Requirements

An undergraduate student seeking to be admitted into this program must:

  • have reached junior status by completing fifteen (15) hours
  • have an overall College GPA of at least 3.0
  • have a GPA of at least 3.0 in all communication courses attempted
  • have a combined score, on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) aptitude test, of at least 285
  • have advanced approval of the dean, associate dean, and instructor offering the course, prior to registration. 


In order to remain in the accelerated program, a student must maintain an overall GPA and a communication GPA of at least 3.0. 


  • Junior:Students, at the Panama City campus, may apply for the Combined Degree Program as early as the second semester of their first year (junior status) or any semester, thereafter, during their junior or senior year. 
  • Junior:When applying to the program, students must have completed fifteen (15) hours of coursework and should have taken the GRE the last semester of their junior year. 
  • Senior:Complete a University and a Communication graduation check for the BS degree; Submit Graduate Online Application to the University, including all supporting documents, e.g. application fee, GRE scores, by the University deadline. Apply for graduation with BS degree (total of 120 hours, including 12 Communication graduate hours). 

How to apply

To apply for the Combined BS/MS Program – FSU Panama City, please follow the process identified below: 

  1. Please fill out the “Combined BS/MS Program Application Form. 
  2. You must also fill out the form to “Take Graduate Courses” (for undergraduate students) located at the FSU Panama City Registrar’s Office. 
  3. Both forms must be submitted to your Panama City Committee for review and approval. 
  4. Your Committee will send all application materials to the College of Applied Studies: College of Applied Studies, FSU Panama City, Achievement Center, Room 110, Panama City, FL 32405-1099 Attention: Cristina Doan, Academic Program Specialist 
  5. Before the Dean and Associate Dean will approve your application for the Combined Degree, the College of Applied Studies Academic Program Specialist will verify your overall GPA and junior status. This includes verification of your upper GPA and GRE (Graduate Record Examination) scores. 
  6. All students are required to apply to the Corporate & Public Communication Program online at the Graduate Application portal during their last semester before the university deadline. 
  7. After you have been accepted, you may continue taking graduate courses at the Panama City campus. The Academic Program Specialist will submit a form to request that your dual courses be transferred towards your graduate degree to the College of Applied Studies. All courses must have a grade of “B-“or higher in order for the courses to count. 

Complete MS degree (total of 33 graduate hours, including the 12 hours of dual coursework). 

Approved Graduate Courses

Students are allowed substitute up to twelve (12) hours of face-to-face graduate coursework for the same number of undergraduate elective hours. The student must satisfy all prerequisites for specific graduate courses taken. The following list of classes, from the Corporate and Public Communication Master’s Degree program offered at the Panama City campus, qualify for dual coursework (all classes are 3-credit classes): 

Theory & Principles

  • COM 5126 Organizational Communication Theory and Practice 
  • COM 6403r Advanced Problems: Integrated Marketing Communication 
  • MMC 5600 Mass Communication Theory and Effects 
  • SPC 5545 Studies in Persuasion (3 credits) 

Research and Methods 

  • COM 5127 Assessing Organizational Communication 
  • COM 5316 Statistical Methods in Communication Research 


  • COM 5526 Marketing Communication Management 
  • ADV 5503 Media Consumer Behavior 
  • COM 5469 Communication Planning and Dispute Resolution 
  • SPC 5442 Group Dynamics and Leadership 
  • SPC 6920r Colloquium in Sp. Communication: Training & Consulting 

Application Process

FSU Panama City students should meet with their academic advisor before applying to the Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Program.

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