Civil & Environmental Engineering (MS) Program

The GRE requirement has been waived (and extended) for all engineering master's applicants applying to the spring 22, summer 22 and fall 22 semesters!

Program Requirements

The Master of Science (M.S.) in Civil Engineering provides students with education in advanced civil engineering topics as well as research experience.

Curriculum. The M.S. curriculum includes a total of 30 semester hours, consisting of coursework and thesis research. To enroll in a course, students must satisfy the course prerequisites. Students entering the major without a civil or environmental engineering degree also must satisfy a set of articulation courses. Students are expected to enroll in Graduate Seminar (CGN 5935) each semester in which they have full-time status.

The specialty (depth) area courses provide students an advanced education beyond the bachelor’s degree in a specific civil engineering sub-discipline. The majority of the specialty area courses should be taken from the CEE department.

The supplementary electives are intended to develop the student’s complementary multidisciplinary skills and knowledge. Supplementary electives may include courses from other civil and environmental engineering areas outside of the chosen specialty, other engineering disciplines, the sciences, computer/computational science, urban and regional planning, and geography.

Mathematics and quantitative skills are critical in civil engineering work. Therefore a student is required to take at least one course (a minimum of three (3) credit hours) in mathematics, statistics, or computational science.

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Suggested Timeline and Degree Requirements

Semester 1

  • 9 hrs. of approved coursework
    Complete RCR training
    Identify thesis topic

Semester 2

  • 9 hrs. of approved coursework

Semester 3

  • 6 hrs. of approved coursework
    3 hrs. of thesis research CGN 5971

Semester 4

  • 3 hrs. of thesis research CGN 5971
    Prepare complete journal manuscript
    Thesis defense CGN 6972
    Submit approved final thesis

Course Type/Total Hours

  • Articulation courses (if required) - 0-22 hours
  • Specialty (depth) area - 12-15 hours
  • Supplementary electives - 6-9 hours
  • Mathematics, statistics, or computation - 3 hours
  • Thesis research CGN 5971 - 6 hours
  • Thesis defense CGN 6972 - 0 hours
  • Graduate seminar CGN 5935 - 0 hours
  • Minimum Total Hours - 30

Civil & Environmental Engineering (MS) Program Faculty

Korhan Adalier, PhD
Holley A-211-L
(850) 770-2259

Hafiz Ahmad, PhD, PE
Holley A-211-CC

Pamuk, Ahmet.jpg

Ahmet Pamuk, PhD
Holley A-211-I
(850) 770-2257

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