Math Fun Day celebrates importance, beauty of mathematics

Erica Martin

FSU Panama City will celebrate the importance, beauty and fun of mathematics during Math Fun Day 1-4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 21, at the FSU Panama City Holley Lecture Hall.

The event will include presentations, exhibits and activities that take math out of the classroom and into interesting everyday problem-solving.

“The idea is to attract kids, teachers and families in elementary and middle school to come do some fun, hands-on math activities,” said FSU math professor Monica Hurdal. “People often get tired and bored of math when it’s just math worksheets, but we want to show them that math can be a lot more fun than that.”

The event is open to the general public, including students and teachers. Activities are available for all students in grades K-8, but students in kindergarten and first grade will need extra parental help.

FSU’s Department of Mathematics has hosted an annual Math Fun Day in Tallahassee since 2013. This is the first year faculty, staff, and student volunteers have traveled to FSU Panama City to host the event.

For more information, contact FSU Panama City STEM Director Ginger Littleton at( 850) 770-2152 or

Activity Rooms: 1:00-4:00pm with last entrance at 3:45pm

Activity rooms are an open house style event, where people can come and go. Activity rooms will be open from 1:00-3:45pm, at which time they will begin to complete activities with existing guests.

  • Math Escape Room: Escape from Dracula's Castle - Sign-up Required Outside the Room! 
    Presented by Matthew Mauntel, FSU Mathematics Education Graduate Student 
    Come solve a series of mathematical puzzles using clues and strategies to solve the mystery of Dracula's castle. A number of escape sessions will be held during Math Fun Day and participants will be give a set time limit to solve the mystery. Multiple escape sessions will be run throughout the afternoon, but each session is limited to 5 kids per session. Be sure to sign-up for a session outside the room! 
    Audience: Recommended for Grades 5 to 8.
  • Room on Fractals 
    Fractals are infinitely repeating patterns that are similar at every scale and occur in science and nature. Learn what fractals are, and come create your own in 2D and 3D using geometry or a computer! 
    Recommended for Grades 2 to 8.
  • Video Room 
    Fun, short videos on mathematics, including Fibonacci Numbers and plants, he xaflexagons, juggling, and more! There are lots of amazing videos! Also a great place to sit and relax. 
    Recommended for all ages.
  • Mathematical Games Room 
    Try your hand at 3D tic-tac-toe and other games. Learn some of the mathematical strategies for playing various games and use mathematics to improve your playing style! 
    Recommended for Grades 4 to 8.
  • Room on Women in Mathematics - New Activities This Year! 
    This Activity Room is organized by the FSU Student Chapter of the Association of Women in Mathematics 
    Do you know of any famous female mathematicians? There are lots! Come learn about some of the contributions women have made to mathematics and mathematical research. There are hands-on activities to demonstrate some of the fields of mathematics where women have made discoveries. 
    Recommended for Grades K to 8.
  • Room on Symmetries and Patterns - New Activities This Year! 
    Explore geometries (rigid geometries and curved surfaces) through easy to make models. Find hidden symmetries by folding your own hexaflexagons and origami shapes. Color and investigate the golden mean spiral. Learn about the Fibonacci Sequence! Try our challenges and puzzles, geared toward all ages and levels. 
    Recommended for Grades K to 8 with mathematical challenges at all levels.
  • Room on Geometric Constructions 
    Build polyhedra and other shapes with mathematical construction tools, such as Zome. Discover the natural symmetries that govern 3-dimensional space. 
    Recommended for Grades K to 8.