Bachelor of Science degree in Crime Scene Investigation at FSU Panama City

Becky Kelly

If you are looking for adventure, Florida State University Panama City is accepting applications for the Bachelor of Science program in Crime Scene Investigation. The program begins fall 2015.

A Crime Scene Investigation degree teaches the student to collect, identify, classify and analyze physical evidence to help solve and prosecute criminal activity. The program provides the scientific knowledge needed for a variety of forensic disciplines. 

What sets this program apart from other CSI programs are the hands-on experiences. Students complete five labs that combine academics with actual forensic techniques. An internship will further test and enhances the student’s skills. 

A successful investigator has to balance science, skill and the law. Unlike portrayals in movies and on television, crime scene investigation is a thorough step-by-step process that requires great attention to detail. Investigators must be effective communicators and able to interview diverse types of personalities under adverse circumstances. Professionalism is a requirement of the occupation with the ability to remain composed and objective during difficult situations.  

Courses are offered on campus and online. Applications are due on or before July 29.

For more information on the program, visit or call (850) 770-2160.