Special Events Admission Requirements

  • Application for admission to the Certificate program may be made by:
    • any undergraduate student in good standing at Florida State University, or
    • any individual eligible to enroll as an undergraduate-level non-degree-seeking or transient student.  
  • Students must apply and be admitted to the certificate program in advance of beginning the coursework.
  • Students who have begun coursework and desire to earn the certificate must apply and be admitted to the certificate program no later than the semester in which the student completes the second course needed for the certificate program.
  • The student must earn a C or higher in each of the four courses taken for credit; and maintain a cumulative 2.5 (C+) grade-point average (GPA) or higher in all undergraduate Certificate in Special Events courses attempted in order for the certificate to be granted.
  • Standardized Test Requirements: None. Special Students and Transient Students must meet whatever requirements the university imposes for admission in that classification.
  • Time limit for completion of the program: The certificate program must be completed within three years of its initiation.

Certificate Completion Request

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