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Student Disability Services

The Office of Student Affairs is the primary advocate for students with disabilities at FSU Panama City. Staff members monitor the environmental, social, and academic conditions affecting students with disabilities to ensure that appropriate accommodations are made to facilitate their academic pursuits. The Office of Student Affairs works in cooperation with the Student Disability Resource Center in Tallahassee to provide academic support services at no cost to students who meet eligibility requirements. These services may include exam readers, note takers, or special equipment. Students with temporary disabilities may also receive services from this office.

It is the responsibility of the student to initiate contact with the Office of Student Affairs to register for academic support services. In order to allow ample time to coordinate required services and/or equipment, students are urged to contact the Office of Student Affairs at least 30 days prior to the first day of classes.

To register for services, students must complete a Request for Service form and provide documentation of their disability to the Office of Student Affairs. They are also required to inform the Office of Student Affairs each semester of any changes affecting their need for services. Student names and the nature of their disabilities are kept confidential and are used solely to provide requested and needed services.

Guidelines for Providing Supporting Documentation for Student Disability Services

If you are requesting a letter from your treating physician to document your request for services, the letter should be on identifying letterhead and should contain the following:

  • A clear statement of the clinical diagnosis of the condition.
  • A precise indication of the onset of the problem or condition and whether or not it is continuous.
  • How the problem or condition has impacted on the student negatively, particularly in relation to school achievement or attendance. If the physician is treating the condition, a clear explanation of the treatment and any side effects that impact negatively on the student's attendance or performance in classes.
  • Original signature of the treating physician (a stamped signature is unacceptable).

Office of Student Affairs, 2nd floor Barron Building
phone (850) 770-2172
toll-free (866) MyFSUPC (866) 693-7872

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