Recognized Student Organizations

For information on student organizations please contact the Student Engagement Coordinator at (850) 770-2195..

Black Student Union
The Black Student Union (BSU) promotes leadership, academic excellence, cultural awareness, and community engagement amongst students of African descent. The BSU serves to represent Black students with institutional administration, faculty, staff, the student body, and the surrounding communities.

Civil Engineering Association
The Civil Engineering Association (CEA) supports civil engineering students and students interested in the civil engineering field in building professional connections and hands-on experiences.

Communication Club
Brings knowledge of communication & public relations to students. Hosts informational & entertaining events showing examples of how communication skills can benefit all majors.

Connect with an Open Mind & Restore the Environment (CORE)
CORE was created with an envision to have a clean environment and a healthy ecosystem.

Devotio'NOLES, is a Christian-faith based RSO, sponsored by Collide College Ministry, is to dive into Biblical studies, learn how to apply those Biblical values to everyday life, and foster relationships between students and their Heavenly Father.

English Club
Supports students in building professional connections & practicing their skills outside of the classroom environment.

Organizes student teams to compete in games on a collegiate-level, promote sportsmanship, and develop teams.

Future Undergraduates in Healthcare
Interact with other students interested in the medical field through informative & engaging events.

Gaming Club
The Gaming Club creates a social atmosphere where members play a variety of games including, but not limited to, tabletop, board games, videogames, and phone games.

Pride Club
The purpose of Pride Club is to foster the LGBTQ+ community. We will provide a space for members of the LGBTQ+ community and our allies to come together and celebrate our traditions, history, and bright future. We seek to educate the campus and local community about LGBTQ+ life, identity, issues, and needs.

Project Runway
Project Runway provides an opportunity for students to learn and practice sewing skills. Additionally, the club creates items for donation to causes in the local community.

Psychology Club
The Psychology (Psych) Club serves to educate others about the field of psychology, promotes campus spirit through events, and helps organizations in the community through volunteer and fundraising efforts.

Rotaract Club
Service club for young professionals to foster leadership, responsible citizenship, & promote international peace & understanding. Sponsored by local Rotaract clubs.

Seminole Life on Canvas
Service club for young professionals to foster leadership, responsible citizenship, & promote international peace & understanding. Sponsored by local Rotaract clubs.

The Scuba Hyperbaric and Recreational Club (SHARC) coordinates and facilitates SCUBA trainings and organizes diving related recreational activities.

Society of American Military Engineers (SAME)
The Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) is a national organization with both student and professional charters across the United States.

More Ways to Get Involved

Not only can FSU Panama City students join organizations on our campus, but they can also get involved with organizations in Tallahassee and at Gulf Coast State College.

FSU Tallahassee

Sign in to ‘Nole Central with your FSU account and get access to more than 750 student organizations on the Tallahassee campus.

Gulf Coast State College

As part of the Seminole-Commodore Alliance, FSU Panama City students are invited to participate in organizations and activities just across the street!


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