FSU Panama City Career Services

FSU Panama City partners with the FSU Career Center to provide undergraduate, graduate students and alumni from FSU with career development and preparedness throughout their enrollment and beyond. We encourage students to engage in the career resources and opportunities provided from the moment they step foot on the FSU Panama City campus.

MyFloridaFuture is a free, online college and career planning tool that provides students and their family members with a wealth of information to make better-informed decisions about educational options and future employment opportunities.

As part of the FSU PC Promise, we are committed to student success both in and outside of the classroom. Whether you are seeking help with creating/updating your resume, searching for required internships or employment opportunities or attending our virtual career & internship fairs, your career readiness is an important part of your overall success at FSU Panama City.

The FSU Career Center offers virtual career advising through NoleNetwork. Please see their hours here, and to book a virtual career advising session:

  • Login to NoleNetwork
    • Click appointments on the menu bar options.
    • Click request a new appointment.
    • Select Virtual Career Advising
    • Adjust date, time, and any other filters (optional)
    • Click search at the bottom
    • Select your preferred appointment time to complete the booking process by following any additional prompts.
    • You will get a confirmation email and can always log back into your NoleNetwork account to update, change, or cancel your virtual career advising booking.

Begin Building Your Foundation Today 

Florida State University believes in student success, which includes career and life planning.  FSU provides comprehensive support to help students succeed, and Build Your Foundation is your introduction to Career Development and Planning.  Our goal is to equip students with valid information and resources that support Career Success that is built on a foundation of over 40 years of research and practical application, which will provide students with the tools to seek valid, reliable information, and make informed decisions. 

As required by Florida House Bill 1261, a hold will be placed on a student’s account after the drop/add period of a student’s second semester if the Build Your Foundation requirements have not been met.  This hold will prevent the student from registering for the next semester’s courses.  Once the requirements have been met, the holds will be removed automatically.  

The FSU Panama City campus also provides potential employers a variety of opportunities to connect with the best and brightest students across disciplines.

FSU Panama City students have access to the entire NoleNetwork job board that links students and alumni directly with hiring employers and the FSU Career Center programs. It allows you to view and apply for full-time jobs, part-time jobs and internships; schedule mock interviews; view registered employers for FSU Career Center events, and sign up for virtual employer interviews. The job board posted here highlights area opportunities available with our community partners.

For more information on student, alumni and employer services contact:

Jim Allen, Director of Academic Services
(850) 770-2161

Heather Lazar, Senior Assistant Director
FSU Career Center Liaison for FSU Panama City
(850) 644-6493