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Student Profiles

FSU Panama City students who demonstrate our tradition of strength, skills and character. These articles reflect how our students engage on and off campus and promote excellence in education.

Crime Scene Investigation student explores life underwater

Aaron Hudson dives into forensic research

hjohnson Thu, 11/18/2021 - 11:14 AM
Upswing: Commercial entrepreneurship student applies FSU PC program to family business

SGC Pro Tempore Tyler Tice’s commercial entrepreneurship education is proving to be a good investment

hjohnson Tue, 11/02/2021 - 03:11 PM
FSU Panama City paves student’s way for major in chemistry, Chinese

After encouragement from her FSU PC chemistry professor, Patricia Mehaffy pursued chemistry and Chinese at FSU Tallahassee

hjohnson Wed, 10/27/2021 - 10:45 AM
U.S. Coast Guard veteran embraces path as electrical engineering student

After serving as Electrician’s Mate First Class in the U.S. Coast Guard, Morgan Olsen embraces her new identity as an electrical engineering student.

hjohnson Wed, 10/20/2021 - 09:41 AM
Professional communication student builds relationships at FSU Panama City

Professional communication major Lauren Beauchamp, a junior transfer student, formed Devotio“noles,” a Christian faith-based recognized student organization, on campus.

hjohnson Wed, 10/13/2021 - 10:01 AM
FSU PC PROMISE: Scholarship creates student lifeline

Isabella Barbour, a first-generation college student growing up in a one-income family of five in Bay County, is a spring 2021 recipient of the FSU PC Promise Scholarship.

hjohnson Wed, 10/06/2021 - 08:54 PM
Scheduling conflict broadens FSU PC student’s horizon in sport history

Political science and public administration student takes sports history class and finds value in its application across her studies.

hjohnson Mon, 03/01/2021 - 11:01 AM
Coffee enthusiast blends the perfect brew

Commercial entrepreneurship student Antonio Lopez began Grizzly Brew Coffee in fall 2017 as part of a class project. The company blends coffee beans from around the globe to emphasize the unique flavors of each bean’s origin without the typical bitter or harsh-tasting qualities some coffee-drinkers mask with cream and sugar.

hjohnson Thu, 11/08/2018 - 12:39 PM
Near-death experience inspires student to pursue law enforcement

For law enforcement operations major Mitchell “Gunnar” Gartner, a near-death experience put perspective and purpose to his life. As a high school student, Gartner was run over by a Ford Bronco March 30, 2013, on the shores of Panama City Beach. The driver was cited for careless driving.

hjohnson Thu, 11/30/2017 - 11:14 AM