Management Council Members

The composition of the Management Council will reflect a balanced mix of experience, technical expertise and authority, and of public, private and non-profit stakeholders across the watershed. Management Council members are persons familiar with the Bays and the issues they face and are able to represent the stakeholders’ perspectives.

  • Local government (1)
  • Industry/trade/ports/economic development (1)
  • Civic/community (1)
  • Business/tourism (1)
  • Federal agencies (1)
  • Development/construction/real estate (1)
  • State agencies (1)
  • Military (1)
  • Regional agencies (1)
  • Utilities (1)
  • Recreational & commercial fishing (2)
  • Academic/research (1)
  • Conservation/restoration (2)

SASJ Bays Estuary List of Potential Management Council by Sector
(As of Sept. 29, 2021)

Local Government (1)
Robert (Bob) Majka or designee Bay County County Manager or as appointed
Civic/Community/Citizens (1)
Cecile Scoon Florida League of Women Voters Bay County Chapter President, Florida LWV Vice President
Federal Agencies (1)
Designee TBD U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Mobile Division  
State Agencies (1)
Sarah Barrett FWC - Habitat & Species Conservation Division Assistant Section Leader - Imperiled Species Management
Regional Agencies (1)
Angela Bradley Emerald Coast Regional Council  
Recreational & Commercial Fishing/Boating (2)
Tom Putnam Half Hitch Owner
Conservation & Restoration (2)
Keith Hagen St. Andrew Bay Watch SABW President
Gail Carmody Citizen Former USFWS scientist
Industry/Trade/Ports/Economic Development (1)
Alex King Panama City Port Authority Executive Director
Business/Tourism (1)
Carol Roberts Bay County Chamber of Commerce CEO
Development/Construction/Real Estate (1)
Catherine McCloy St. Joe Company Director of Planning & Development
Military (1)
Tracy Chapman Tyndall Air Force Base Community Planner
Utilities (1)
TBA NextEra/Gulf Power  
Academic/Centers/Schools (1)
Linda Fitzhugh Gulf Coast State College Professor
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