Management Council Members

The composition of the Management Council will reflect a balanced mix of experience, technical expertise and authority, and of public, private and non-profit stakeholders across the watershed. Management Council members are persons familiar with the Bays and the issues they face and are able to represent the stakeholders’ perspectives.

  • Local government (1)
  • Industry/trade/ports/economic development (1)
  • Civic/community (1)
  • Business/tourism (1)
  • Federal agencies (1)
  • Development/construction/real estate (1)
  • State agencies (1)
  • Military (1)
  • Regional agencies (1)
  • Utilities (1)
  • Recreational & commercial fishing (2)
  • Academic/research (1)
  • Conservation/restoration (2)

SASJ Bays Estuary List of Potential Management Council by Sector
(As of Sept. 29, 2021)

Local Government (1)

Wayne Porter

Bay County Planning Planning Manager
Civic/Community/Citizens (1)
Cecile Scoon Florida League of Women Voters Bay County Chapter President, Florida LWV Vice President
Federal Agencies (1)

Jenny Jacobson

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Mobile Division

Environment and Resources Branch Chief

State Agencies (1)

Jennifer Paredes

FWC - Habitat & Species Conservation Division

Fish and Wildlife Biologist - Office of Conservation Planning Services

Regional Agencies (1)
Angela Bradley Emerald Coast Regional Council  
Recreational & Commercial Fishing/Boating (2)
Tom Putnam Half Hitch Owner

Lee Thompson

Shallow Seas Charters


Conservation & Restoration (2)

Jonnie Smallman

St. Andrew Bay Watch SABW President
Gail Carmody Citizen Former USFWS scientist
Industry/Trade/Ports/Economic Development (1)
Alex King Panama City Port Authority Executive Director
Business/Tourism (1)
Carol Roberts Bay County Chamber of Commerce CEO
Development/Construction/Real Estate (1)
Catherine McCloy St. Joe Company Director of Planning & Development
Military (1)
Tracy Chapman Tyndall Air Force Base Community Planner
Utilities (1)
TBA NextEra/Gulf Power  
Academic/Centers/Schools (1)
Linda Fitzhugh Gulf Coast State College Professor