FSU PC Promise Scholarship Community Service Opportunities

As part of the FSU PC Promise Scholarship, recipients are required to complete at least 30 hours of community service each semester. Our aim to promote community involvement and to help our area continue to grow. Community service opportunities can be found in a variety of places, including many of the activities students may already be involved in.

Community service should contribute to the solution of an identified community need and be an unpaid, volunteer experience. Below is a list of activities that qualify as service as part of the PC Promise Scholarship requirement; however, this is not a complete list. If you are participating in an activity that you believe qualifies, please contact either staff member below to discuss the experience and any questions you may have.

David Henry
(850) 770-2166

Kathryn Morgan
(850) 770-2177

Qualifying Opportunities
Must be an unpaid experience that contributes to the solution of an identified community need.

  • Service in K12 schools
  • Service in hospitals, nursing homes, and care facilities
  • Assisting with on-campus events and programs
  • On-campus service conducted for the benefit of the University
  • Religious/spiritual instruction or small group ministries
  • Volunteering with a non-profit organization
  • Serving food through a food pantry
  • Non-partisan voter registration drives
  • Operation and coordination of a donation drive (ex. food pantries, local schools, etc.)
  • Creating film, media, or campaign for a community need
  • Fundraising for a non-profit organization
  • Laboratory work or research focused on a community need
  • Donating blood
  • Training for immediate application for service
  • Beach clean-up events
  • Walk dogs at an animal shelter
  • Service in an after-school program

Non-Qualifying Experiences

  • Monetary or in-kind donations to an organization
  • Service to one’s family or friends
  • Observations or shadowing in a classroom, hospital, etc.
  • Purpose of promoting a preferred religious or political viewpoint or person
  • Religious devotion or any activity which can be interpreted as proselytizing
  • Any political campaign or event that promotes a specific candidate or political party
  • Travel to and from the service location