Law Enforcement Intelligence MS

Law Enforcement Intelligence

Law Enforcement Intelligence MS

Master of Science

The Law Enforcement Intelligence Master’s program at FSU Panama City is designed to prepare students for entry, supervisory and command-level positions within local, state and federal agencies with intelligence divisions or missions. The online-only program includes coursework covering research methods in criminal justice, economics, political science and military science. An independent research-based capstone project integrates coursework with a practical application within either the field or an academic setting.

Ideal for working professionals

Online flexibility for working professionals in diverse fields (e.g., military, local, state, and federal agencies with intelligence divisions and/or missions).

Interdisciplinary Training

The program paired with technical backgrounds, such as engineering, computer science or IT, allows graduates flexibility in study and career options.

Superior Applied Experience

Gain superior applied experience from faculty who have decades of direct professional experience in the law enforcement intelligence field.

What can I expect from the Law Enforcement Intelligence Master's Program?

From terrorism to trafficking, financial crimes to street crimes, the program will prepare graduates from any educational or professional background for advancement within law enforcement agencies, the government or private firms. All faculty within the law enforcement intelligence program have direct experience working with law enforcement agencies, such as police departments, private investigation and the FBI. Classroom activities include active learning techniques with frequent evaluations for applied learning. Diverse course offerings include collection, analysis, management/decision-making, and more.

Requirements & Coursework

What degrees or certifications are offered in this program?

  • Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement Intelligence
  • Master of Science in Law Enforcement Intelligence
  • Graduate Certificate in Law Enforcement Intelligence
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Underwater Crime Scene Investigation
  • Graduate Certificate in Underwater Crime Scene Investigation

GRE Exam Waived

The GRE requirement has been waived (and extended) for all master’s applicants applying through Fall 2026!

What types of careers could this program prepare me for?

Employment opportunities for intelligence analysts now exist at local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, military recruitment, as well as in civilian security agencies and private businesses.