FSU Panama City Seminole Emergency Relief Fund


FSU Panama City Seminole Emergency Relief Fund was created to assist Panama City students who are experiencing a significant financial crisis. FSU Panama City Seminole Emergency Relief Fund will be a source of support for students who are experiencing financial strain due to natural disasters.

  • All submitted expenses must be a direct loss to the student submitting the application.
  • Family members may not submit multiple applications for the same expense.
  • Must be a currently enrolled FSU student to be eligible for FSU Panama City Seminole Emergency Relief Fund.

Process for Students

  1. Complete the online application. Each application is automatically routed to the FSU Panama City Seminole Emergency Relief Fund email address.
  2. Upload documentation within the application. When uploaded, the documentation name should contain student's FSUID/EMPLID.
  3. Applications will not be reviewed until documentation has been provided.
  4. Students should describe the financial impact experienced due to the event. For example:
    • Loss of employment for them or caregiver/financial support
    • Need to buy supplies for online coursework (laptop, internet, course supplies, etc.)
    • Food/housing insecurity
    • Need to buy emergency transportation/supplies to return home (plane/bus/gas money). Preference will be given to students who live more than 2 hours from Panama City
  5. Awarded amounts will vary and will not exceed $1,000.
  6. Documentation options:
    • Letter from employer noting loss of job
    • Lease agreement which reflects monthly rent
    • Letter from health provider
    • Notarized letter from emergency contact which specifically outlines expenses being requested
    • Receipt for any purchases needed for moving to online courses and rationale for purchase (for example, the rationale behind buying a more expensive laptop when a cheaper option is available and can perform the same functions).
  7. Student can use free available apps to scan documentation such as
  8. After the FSU Panama City Seminole Emergency Relief Fund review committee approves an application and suggests a dollar amount for approval the information is synthesized and routed to Financial Aid to determine student's eligibility to receive the funding.

Requests that will not be fulfilled:

  • Loss of deposit for hotels/reservations for graduation
  • Payments made for RSO events (formals, spring break trips, conferences)