Dishonored Checks

Returned Checks/Stop Payment

Return Check Charge/Stop Payment Charge: $25.00 or five percent of the amount of the check, whichever is greater (subject to change) will be assessed to the student's account. A returned check/stop payment charge is assessed against a student's account that has a check or electronic authorization for payment returned by the bank to Florida State University.

Florida State University automatically submits all personal checks twice for payment if the check was returned once for non-sufficient or uncollected funds. This is an automated process and the second submission cannot be stopped; there is no charge, however, assessed by Florida State University for this second submission. Repayment of returned checks must be made with cash, FSUCard, money order, or cashier's check.

Returned check charges are assessed for all personal checks written and electronic payments authorized for tuition, fees, or any services provided by the University that are returned to Florida State University for non-sufficient funds, uncollected funds, closed accounts, stop payments, etc., placed on checks. In addition to the returned check charge, if the initial payment is for tuition and redemption of the returned check is not made prior to the tuition payment deadline, a $100.00 late payment fee is assessed to tuition. Florida State University places a hold on accepting any personal checks or electronic payment authorizations on the student's account for ninety days after redemption for any services, tuition, or fees that are owed to the University if a personal check or electronic payment authorization is returned. If a second check or electronic payment is returned, or if a stop payment is placed on it, the student will be permanently listed on all departments' ACCEPT CASH ONLY list and no personal checks or electronic payment will be accepted from anyone on the student's account from that day forward.

Notification will be given to the student by mail to the address on the check or to the last maintained address in Florida State University's records. After notification that a check has been returned, redemption (including the service charge) must be made within fifteen days. Florida State University forwards all returned payments to the State Attorney's Office for redemption and prosecution after collection efforts are exhausted. After a returned payment is forwarded to the State Attorney's Office, restitution of the check will not prevent prosecution. Reference Florida Statues Title XLVI Chapter 832; Crimes - Violations Involving Checks and Drafts; 832.07.


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