Dr David Gaitros, Teaching Professor, Computer Science, FSU Panama City 

Cristina Doan

Please share your rank/rate/duty title and branch of service? Family members: Please share your family member’s name/relation, branch of service, current rank/position title, current duty station (if available).

Active duty United States Air Force commissioned through ROTC at Southern Illinois University Detachment 205 on May 14th, 1977 and retired at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel on June 1st 1999 with 22 years’ service. I held various positions around the country including Section Chief for Utility Software Support, 552 Airborne Warning and Control Squadron,  Regional Computer Center DPI at Eglin AFB, Chief, Computer Engineering Division Air Force Systems Command Andrews AFB, Associate Chair, Department of Computer Science Naval Post Graduate School,  Two Letter SC Computer And Communications Director for the Air Force Civil Engineer, Tyndall AFB, Fl.   My Father was a Corporal in the Army during the Korean War.  

As a veteran or military family member, what has stood out to you as a positive experience or attribute during your experience working at FSU Panama City/The Collegiate School?

Simply put, what stands out about FSU Panama City is the appreciation for the knowledge and experience that we obtained by being in the United States Military. As many of those who served can tell you, military members are usually given good training and responsibility at a very early point in their career…and our organizational and team values are appreciated here.  

How do you feel the local Panama City/Bay County community has demonstrated its support for veterans and/or military family members?  

As veterans, we are made to feel very welcome.  I always hear “thank you for your service” when they find out we served in the military.