1st Lt. Jessica Boswell enjoys project-based approach in the Law Enforcement Intelligence graduate program

Cristina Doan

Please share what is your rank, job, and your branch of service? 

I am a 1st Lt. in the New York Air National Guard (NYANG) serving full-time as an intelligence officer.

As a student military service member, what has stood out to you as a positive experience while enrolled at FSU Panama City?

I’ve really enjoyed the project-based approach the staff utilizes for assignments and finals. Using past case studies and hearing about the faculty’s experiences helps tie the course material to real-world application. 

How do you feel FSU Panama City (staff, faculty, etc.) have demonstrated support for you as a military service member? 

FSU Panama City has been extremely responsive and helpful when it comes to any questions or problems that students may have. They also do a great job of enabling flexibility and working with you when work or life may conflict with course requirements.

What are your end goals upon completing your degree? How do you feel your degree will help you in achieving your goals? 

Near term, I plan to continue working in the military intelligence community. Real world case studies, practical applications of structured analytic techniques, and building your own intelligence management apparatuses greatly help in understanding the concepts being instructed. They’ve also helped me identify ways to improve management of intelligence functions in my own career. I look forward to continuing the degree program and growing as an intel professional.