The United States Navy provided a pathway to college and career

James Allen

Veterans: Please share your rank/rate/duty title and branch of service? Family members (if applicable): Please share your family member’s name/relation, branch of service, current rank/position title, current duty station (if available).

United States Navy - ASE3 Irvin R. Clark

As a veteran (or military family member), what has stood out to you as a positive experience or attribute during your experience working at FSU Panama City/The Collegiate School?

The United States Navy provided me my pathway to college and an amazing 31-year career in higher education.  Being a Navy veteran has enhanced my abilities to have strong relationships with the military active duty and veteran communities in the Northwest Florida and at FSU Panama City!

How do you feel the local Panama City/Bay County community has demonstrated its support for veterans and/or military family members?  

The local support for veterans, active duty and family members is VERY STRONG! I regularly get first-hand account of how strong these relationships are through the Military Affairs Committee, Bay County Chamber of Commerce and through the many interactions I have in the business, non-profit, school district and faith-based communities.