Tony Simmons

Fifty-three students were inducted into the Garnet Key Honor Society during a ceremony on Tuesday, April 2. Students eligible for membership must demonstrate exemplary character, active community involvement and high academic standards. They are representative of Florida State’s commitment to strength, skill and character.

“As new members and leaders within the Garnet Key Honor Society, you are entrusted with the profound responsibility of promoting these activities and advancing the wellbeing a growth of your academic community,” said Duriel Crittendon, the keynote speaker, director of FSU Panama City’s ASCENT program (Advancing Science and Career Education in New Technologies).

Established at FSU Panama City in 1986, Garnet Key is a branch of FSU Tallahassee’s Garnet and Gold Key International Honour Society (GGKIHS), established in 1924. The oldest and most prestigious leadership honorary at FSU, GGKIHS dates to the Florida State College for Women, before the current university was formed.

The existing Garnet Key Honor Society was formed on Sept. 26, 1986, to recognize students at this campus for outstanding leadership, service and scholarship, as well as to promote activities that foster the progress and spirit of FSU Panama City. The first induction ceremony was on Dec. 15, 1986, and welcomed 50 inaugural members.

As a recognized student organization, Garnet Key inducts students who have completed at least 15 credit hours in a degree program at either the graduate or undergraduate level and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above. By working with local community service organizations, members of Garnet Key increase their leadership skills, explore community connections, and gain a deeper understanding of community service by adopting a project each year that works directly with a local organization.

This year’s inductees are:  Allie Walters, Amanda Adcock, Amber Wilkinson, Amy Brightbill, Andre Zumerchik, Andrew Trainor, Angela E. Petche, Angelina Andrade, Brenda Dierestil, Caela Jernigan, Cristie Chase, Diana Veronica Gonzalez, Emileigh Christine Parda, Emily Waddell, Emma Deason, Erykah Jenkins, Evan Howard, Felecia Dukes, Wajeeha Raqeeb, Gabriela Chediak, Hailey Philips Lovejoy, Heather Byrd, Irene Deliah Field, and Jada McKenzie Edwards.

Also, Jason A. Boyer, Jennifer M. Werden, Jennifer Lister, Jessica Quaile, Jo Ashley May Schwab, Juliet A. Cade, Kayleigh Cosson, Kenyatta Larry Taylor, Kristen McKinsey, Lauren Beauchamp, Lauren J. Florence, Lauren Lawrence , Lori Parker, Maleah J. Scott, Hunter Choi, Michelle Middleton-Benjamin, Ndeye Codou Dieng, Paul V. Estipona, Riddhi Patel, Ryan Shawn Flaherty, Samuel Hack, Sarah Fuentes, Sarah Zeidan, Stacey Vlahakis, Sylver Baker, Veronica T. Quinones, Wiley Daniel Vickers, Yamaan Kabuka, and Zachary Scott.