FSU PC re-establishes Seminole Relief Fund; donations needed

Erica Martin

FSU Panama City is re-establishing the Seminole Emergency Relief Fund to offer one-time financial assistance to students in need because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As the world is taking unprecedented steps to ‘flatten the curve’ in the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain focused on the FSU PC Promise,” Dean Randy Hanna said. “Through the Seminole Emergency Relief Fund, we can tear down some of the financial obstacles that might hinder student success.”

FSU Panama City previously used the Seminole Emergency Relief Fund after Hurricane Michael in October 2018. The fund was replenished with a $10,000 donation from United Way earlier this year.

Community members who are able may contribute to the fund at https://fla.st/DUPQ8P5Z/.

Through the fund, students will be able to request up to $1,000 for food, transportation, housing or other needs. They must be able to prove financial need through layoff notifications, bills and other documentation.

The application will be available at pc.fsu.edu beginning March 30.

“If there’s one feeling this pandemic has brought on to everyone, it’s that we’re all in this together,” Hanna said.