FSU PC Alumni ('23) Zenovia Goss is a proud daughter of her veteran father

Cristina Doan

Please share your family member’s name/relation, branch of service, rank/position title, duty station (if available).

My father Andre Goss served for 23 years in the Army. He was a 1st Sergeant. 

As student military family member what has stood out to you as a positive experience while enrolled at FSU Panama City?

One thing that stood out to me while I was enrolled at FSU Panama City was how the campus environment is friendly. Everyone on campus respects you as a person. It did not matter if you were an active-duty military member, retired, or a dependent. The campus environment made you feel like you were at home. You have a family at FSU Panama City, and the faculty and staff will help you in any way that they can. They care about you and want to make sure you are doing good.

How do you feel the local Panama City/Bay County community has demonstrated its support for veterans and/or military family members?

Everywhere you go in Panama City/Bay County, you’ll encounter someone who is a military service member, active or veteran, or they know someone who is serving or served in the military. Being able to relate to folks in the community and talk to them about their experiences is what brings Panama City closer together. Panama City has a lot of organizations who support military families. The organizations celebrate military families or take the time to recognize them in every way they can.

What are your end goals upon completing your degree? How do you feel your degree will help you in achieving your goals?

My goal was to find a full-time teaching job. I have always wanted to work in an elementary school as a teacher. My dream has come true. Last year, I accepted a job at a local school in Bay County. My degree helped shape me into the effective teacher I am today. I have taken the skills I have learned and observed during my undergraduate degree, and have applied them in the classroom to help my students be the best they students they can be. 

Elementary Education