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FSU Panama City celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month

Helen Johnson

In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month FSU Panama City spotlighted its commitment to diversity and inclusion as core institutional values with a lecture from bilingual author, speaker and artist of children’s books Lulu Delacre.

Delacre was born in Puerto Rico of Argentinian parents. She has been drawing since she was five years old and attended L’Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Graphiques, in Paris, France.

“I dreamed of creating books inspired by my heritage, books that celebrate the rich folklore and colorful traditions I was nurtured with as a child, books in English and in Spanish,” said Delacre.

Middle school students from the English Language Learners (ELL) program at Breakfast Point, Jinks and Surfside, spent the morning learning how cultural diversity and the creative process can come together to tell a powerful story and create a work of art.

The Bay District School Board made copies of Delacre’s most recent work, Us, In Progress, Short Stories About Young Latinos, available to the students. Delacre believes that when students read stories about children who experience hardships and achievements, they come away with a better understanding of how they as Latinos fit into American culture today.

“It opens up horizons, it allows you to get closer to another culture not your own, it reads empathy,” she said. “I believe that we Latinos bring richness and beauty to the American fabric. I’m passionate about creating books that empower Latino children by instilling pride in their heritage.”

For more information about Delacre visit her website at