FSU Panama City campus police to serve students before final exams

Jan Waddy

Florida State University police officers, armed with free food, will offer encouragement to FSU Panama City students during finals week. 

“We always enjoy being part of activities like this because it helps to remove barriers and open discussions between the police and the students,” said Lt. Steve Sellers, Office of Public Safety. “It is a positive interaction that may make their day a little better during the stress of finals week.”

The FSU Police Department will pass out free chocolate chip cookies and brownies to students from 10 to 11 a.m. Monday through Thursday, April 25-28, at the Holley Academic Center at FSU Panama City. 

“It’s something members of our police department have done before. I’m so proud of them. They’re always trying to find ways to make sure students are comfortable talking to them and interacting with them,” FSU Panama City Dean Randy Hanna said. “It’s another example of how everybody on our campus is helping carry out the FSU PC Promise. We’re committed to helping students succeed.”