Faculty and staff help ensure U.S. Navy veteran Lianna Danas' academic pursuits

Cristina Doan

Please share what was your rank, job, and your branch of service? 

I was a second-class, Master-at-Arms (MA2), and served in the United States Navy.

Lianna Danas

As a student veteran what has stood out to you as a positive experience while enrolled at FSU Panama City?

A positive experience that has stood out to me while enrolled at FSU Panama City has been the involvement of the staff and faculty to ensure my success. They are extremely hands-on, helpful, understanding, and courteous, which brings out the best in all of us. 

How do you feel FSU Panama City (staff, faculty, etc.) have demonstrated support for you as a veteran? 

The staff and faculty have demonstrated support for me as a veteran by ensuring that I am taken care of. Whether it be for academic purposes, offering potential scholarship opportunities because of my service, or ensuring that I am included in school spirit activities, the staff ensure that I am thoroughly included in all FSU has to offer.

What are your end goals upon completing your degree? How do you feel your degree will help you in achieving your goals? 

Upon completing my degree, my end goals are to pursue a career in the CSI realm, whether it be through a government agency or a local department. My degree will absolutely help me in achieving my goals, as the education I have received while studying at FSU Panama City has allowed me to grasp, and subsequently remain confident, in the specifics of the crime scene investigative field. Therefore, I am prepared to one-day use my education firsthand and apply all that I have learned here at FSU to help me succeed in the CSI discipline, regardless of where the road takes me.

Crime Scene Investigation