Satisfactory Progress Policy

It is important for all students to review the Satisfactory Progress Policy - particularly if you are just starting college. Every class that you enroll for - even the ones that you may later drop or let pass into incomplete status - will show up in a Satisfactory Progress review. Take time to understand the policy now, so that you can plan your academic career in a way that will keep you fully eligible for financial aid. Review the policy below - then - if you have received notice of financial aid termination due to Satisfactory progress - see the Financial Aid Termination Explained page for more information.

Federal regulations require that schools establish a Satisfactory Progress requirement establishing maximum number of hours allowable to achieve the degree program sought, and minimum progress requirements for continued financial aid eligibility. Florida State University evaluates Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid purposes annually at the end of the spring term. Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress in order to be awarded and disbursed all Federal, State, and Institutional financial aid.

Academic Requirements

All students must maintain Satisfactory Progress and academic good standing in order to be considered for financial aid. In order to meet the standards adopted by Florida State University, the student must:

  • Meet the cumulative grade point requirement in accordance with the retention policy of FSU.
  • Have attempted no more than 180 hours toward a four year undergraduate degree. Students pursuing double majors or a second degree will be placed on Satisfactory Progress Hours hold once enrollment has passed 180 credit hours.
  • Meet the minimum percentage requirement established by federal regulation.
  • Federal regulation (34 CFR 668.34) requires that schools establish a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirement establishing maximum number of hours allowable to achieve the degree program sought, and minimum progress requirements for continued financial aid eligibility. Florida State University evaluates Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid purposes annually.
  • Maintain SAP standards and be in academic good standing with Florida State University in order to be eligible to receive financial aid. Undergraduate, Graduate, Medical, and Law students have different Academic Requirements, so make sure to review your specific requirements.
  • SAP reviews Qualitative Standard (minimum GPA standards), Quantitative Standard (the number of hours had depending on how many degrees you are pursuing), and Percentage Completed (at least 67% of credits attempted must be completed).
  • View your degree level (Undergraduate, Graduate, Medical, or Law) to view your degree standards.
  • Note: FSU considers all classes in the calculation for Satisfactory Academic Progress including:
  • Remedial Classes
  • ESOL classes
  • Classes marked as Withdrawals for any reason
  • Classes marked as Incomplete for any reason
  • Classes repeated for any reason
  • Classes with failing grades
  • Classes not accepted towards degree or not accepted for transfer credit
  • Repeated classes, and classes not accepted for transfer credit, all count towards the number of hours Failure to meet the requirements of satisfactory progress and academic good standing will result in the suspension or termination of financial aid eligibility.

For more information see the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy at the Office of Financial Aid.

Appeal Process - All students who do not meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards and are able to document mitigating circumstances such as a medical issue, death in the family, or other significant event that interrupted or disrupted academic progress, may appeal the termination of financial aid eligibility. A written appeal must be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid with the FSU Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal form (below). Appeals received with all supporting documentation will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for adjudication. Appeals should include documentation where available, to substantiate the circumstance. To assist in the appeal process for termination related to the total number of credits and percentage of earned hours, documentation, in the form of an Academic Plan, from the major academic department, on their letterhead and signed must be included. The Academic Plan must include the number of hours and the courses remaining which are necessary for completion for the student to graduate. The expected graduation date should be included with the course documentation.

In the event that your SAP appeal is approved, you will be placed in a Financial Aid Probation status. This means that you will have one or more semesters, in accordance with the Academic Plan to meet SAP requirements in order to remain eligible for financial aid.

Please be advised that your department's Academic Plan will be reviewed for compliance at the conclusion of each semester. If the Academic Plan is not fully complied with, continued financial aid awards will be terminated. An Academic Plan may be considered not having been complied with, by failure to meet, but not limited to: unsatisfactory grade in any course, incomplete grade in any course, GPA standards not having been met or earned hour requirements not having been met.

Financial Aid eligibility will be terminated for any student on Financial Aid Probation who does not meet, at any time, the Academic Plan requirements. A second SAP appeal may be considered with justifiable and documented cause.

Satisfactory Progress Appeal Form

If your file is on hold for Satisfactory Progress and you wish to file an appeal, download, print, complete and submit this form to the Office of Financial Aid. It is advisable that you visit our financial aid counselor in the Barron Building, room 210 prior to beginning the appeal process. Call (850) 770-2177 or email for more information.

Satisfactory Progress Appeal Form


To officially withdraw from Florida State University you must contact the Student Affairs Office, Barron, room 210 (850) 770-2176. All courses attempted, including withdrawals, will be considered for Satisfactory Progress.

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