Health Requirements

The State Board of Education requires all entering students born on or after 1/1/1957 to complete Florida State University’s required Student Health History Form and show documented proof of immunization against measles (rubeola), German measles (rubella), and mumps prior to registration. College-age individuals living in residence halls, shared apartments, and other group housing are at an increased risk for developing meningococcal meningitis and hepatitis B—serious infections that can have devastating consequences. State of Florida law mandates that all university students be informed of the risks of infection. Students currently enrolled must either be vaccinated against meningococcal meningitis and hepatitis B or sign a waiver stating that they have declined to receive the vaccine. All students are required to show proof of two MMR’s, meningococcal meningitis, and hepatitis B vaccinations before they are permitted to register for classes. Information about these vaccinations may be obtained at University Health Services or online at

All Panama City students are required to complete and submit the student healthcare compliance form to the Panama City Office of Student Affairs before registration. Students born before 1/1/1957 must complete the form and decline the meningococcal and hepatitis vaccines. For questions, please call (850) 770-2176.

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