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Take the plunge into our underwater classroom.

Underwater Crime Scene Investigation (UCSI) Minor

This minor is offered in the College of Applied Studies through the Public Safety and Security program to students at both the Tallahassee (online) and the Panama City campuses. It has an applications focus not present in other existing degree certificates or minors. Courses will be particularly useful in complementing various professional degree programs, such as health professions, law, social science, criminology, environmental studies, recreation, tourism and events, engineering and biological science programs. Only coursework with a grade of ‘C’ or above in these courses will count towards the minor.


  • diver at artificial reef

    Sally Pendoley

    “Scuba changed my life, and the program helped guide me to achieve goals I didn’t even know were possible.”

    — Sally Pendoley
    crime scene investigation, ’19

  • Diver underwater

    Will McEwan

    “Most of the time when I am in the water I have one of the best educations out of all the divers there.”

    — Will McEwan
    international affairs, ’22

  • divers in Morrison Springs

    Emma Graumlich

    “The diving program made my experience at FSU so much better.”

    — Emma Graumlich
    anthropology, ’20

  • Logan Turner diving

    Logan Turner

    “If you even think you might be interested in working underwater, take the program. The certification opens you to many opportunities.”

    — Logan Turner




    biology, ’19



Underwater Crime Scene Investigation minor curriculum

ISC 3062 - Introduction to Underwater Investigation (3) presents the history, principles of basic hyperbaric science diving, physics and physiology as they relate to diving. This course provides the theoretical foundation for individuals preparing to be divers.

ISC 3062L - Introduction to Underwater Investigation Lab (1) presents the principles and practice of compressed-gas as a life-support system for underwater hyperbaric exposure. This course is designed to develop proficiency in the basic skills required to perform safe underwater operations. Certifications earned: Open Water and Advanced Open Water Diver

ISC 3063 - Scientific Underwater Investigation (3) builds upon the Introduction to Underwater Investigation course by providing the technology to collect data in an underwater environment according to the scientific method. The course the techniques used in science disciplines that function underwater.

ISC 3063L - Scientific Underwater Investigation Lab (1) builds upon the Introduction to Underwater Investigation Laboratory course by providing the tools and techniques to collect data in an underwater environment for prolonged periods of time. The underwater data collection techniques use traditional underwater technology and techniques for data gathering related to scientific disciplines. Certifications earned: Enriched Air (EANx) Diver and American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS).

CJE 4764- Underwater Crime Scene Methodology (3) synthesizes the various theories for the conduct of crime with the knowledge of how physical evidence is produced during the commission of a crime on or under the water in order to produce information that enables the investigation and prosecution of criminal activity.

CJE 4764L - Underwater Crime Scene Methodology Lab (1) applies various techniques for the examination of physical materials generated during the commission of a crime on or under the water in order to produce information that enables the investigation and prosecution of criminal activity. Additional equipment fee required.

Elective Course

PEN 1136 Theory and practice of compressed-gas diving. Certification earned: Open Water Diver (Summer only)

Program Advisor

Cristina Doan
(850) 770-2148

Program Faculty


Darren DeDario
Dive Locker Supervisor
Barron 132
(850) 770-2206

Adam Wendt
Dive Safety Officer
Public Safety and Security Support Specialist
Holley A-111-C

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