Special Events Admission Criteria

Courses offered in the Certificate in Special Events program can be taken:

  • as part of the Recreation, Tourism and Events major,
  • as a concentration of electives within other majors offered by FSU such as:
    • Business Administration
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Hospitality Management
    • Professional Communication
    • Marketing
    • Music Education
    • Sport Management
    • Retail, Merchandising and Product Development
    • Public Administration
    • Non-profit Management
  • or as a stand-alone certificate for students not in a degree seeking undergraduate program currently employed in the special events or a related industry or desiring a career change as a path to employment.

Admission to the undergraduate Certificate in Special Events program is neither a degree program nor a minor. 

Students interested in pursuing the certificate should submit the application and supporting documentation to the Certificate Coordinator.   The application consists of:

  • A completed application form
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Current resume
  • Statement addressing why they want to earn the certificate and how the certificate will contribute to their goals.

Application materials should be submitted by email to Rosemary Prince, MS, CPRP, Recreation, Tourism and Events, rprince@dedman.fsu.edu.

  • The submission of an application does not guarantee admission to the program.
  • Degree seeking students must be accepted to both the University and the Certificate in Special Events program.
  • Non-degree seeking and transient students must apply for admission through the FSU Panama City campus Admission Requirements Process and then contact the College of Applied Studies for acceptance into the Certificate in Special Events program.
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