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Take the plunge into our underwater classroom.

Underwater Crime Scene Investigation

  • Underwater Crime Scene Investigation

Dive into a forensic career. Focus on underwater forensic research and investigations. Courses involve critical-thinking to reach mission objectives and include application of theory and methodology. Our mission is to challenge students through sequenced courses and laboratories, which provide students with the theory and practical experience needed for the field of underwater research.

An Underwater Crime Scene Investigation certificate, available on BOTH the Tallahassee and Panama City campuses, may be earned independently or as part of a bachelor’s or master’s degree. With courses such as the application of theory and methodology, the program is relevant to many careers in law enforcement and public safety. Our mission is to rigorously challenge our students through five sequenced courses and labs that provide students with the theory and practical experiences that equip them to be underwater forensic scientists and become the most qualified law enforcement and forensic professionals in the world.


  • diver jumping in water

    Excellence in underwater research

    Graduates are educated to be both scientists and investigators, which benefits science-based disciplines such as engineering, medicine, criminology and archaeology.

  • Diver reading meter underwater

    One certificate; unlimited possibilities

    The UCSI certificate opens doors for careers processing accidents, crime scenes, insurance fraud cases, environmental pollution investigations and maritime security.

  • Divers swimming single file

    Open doors to scholarship opportunities

    Students enrolled in at least 3 hours of a diving class are eligible for the Bob Barth Underwater Research Scholarship.

  • JAWS training NYC

    We train the pros

    Students in dive courses might have the opportunity to participate in criminal investigations, JAWS dive training or underwater research. Faculty and students have trained national law enforcement divers and assisted with rescue and recovery missions.


Students Eye View

“Most of the time when I am in the water I have one of the best educations out of all the divers there.”

- Will McEwan
international affairs, '22

“Scuba changed my life, and the program helped guide me to achieve goals I didn’t even know were possible.”

- Sally Pendoley
crime scene investigation, '19

“If you even think you might be interested in working underwater, take the program. The certification opens you to many opportunities.”

- Logan Turner
biology, '19


Underwater Crime Scene Investigation curriculum

ISC 3062 or ISC 5060 - Introduction to Underwater Investigation (3) presents the history, principles of basic hyperbaric science diving, physics and physiology as they relate to diving. This course provides the theoretical foundation for individuals preparing to be divers.

ISC 3062L or ISC 5060L - Introduction to Underwater Investigation Lab (1) presents the principles and practice of compressed-gas as a life-support system for underwater hyperbaric exposure. This course is designed to develop proficiency in the basic skills required to perform safe underwater operations. Certifications earned: Open Water and Advanced Open Water Diver

ISC 3063 or ISC 5061 - Scientific Underwater Investigation (3) builds upon the Introduction to Underwater Investigation course by providing the technology to collect data in an underwater environment according to the scientific method. The course the techniques used in science disciplines that function underwater.

ISC 3063L or ISC 5061L - Scientific Underwater Investigation Lab (1) builds upon the Introduction to Underwater Investigation Laboratory course by providing the tools and techniques to collect data in an underwater environment for prolonged periods of time. The underwater data collection techniques use traditional underwater technology and techniques for data gathering related to scientific disciplines. Certifications earned: Enriched Air (EANx) Diver and American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS).

CJE 4764 or CJE 5768  - Underwater Crime Scene Methodology (3) synthesizes the various theories for the conduct of crime with the knowledge of how physical evidence is produced during the commission of a crime on or under the water in order to produce information that enables the investigation and prosecution of criminal activity.

CJE 4764L or CJE 5768L - Underwater Crime Scene Methodology Lab (1) applies various techniques for the examination of physical materials generated during the commission of a crime on or under the water in order to produce information that enables the investigation and prosecution of criminal activity. Additional equipment fee required.

CJE 4765 or CJE 5769 - Underwater Crime Scene Investigation (3) combines the various analytical underwater examinations into a holistic investigation process designed to locate and detect persons and physical evidence involved in, or victims of, crimes in or on the water. Emphasis is placed on the theory of the technology and the scientific decision-making required for its optimum application.

CJE4765L or CJE 5769L -USCI Capstone (1) empirically applies methodology based on advanced technology to enhance the location and detection of physical evidence used, or intended for use, in the commission of underwater crimes. Emphasis is placed on the use of the Incident Command System and the UCSI Process for management of an underwater crime scene investigation and on the verification of investigative protocols. Additional equipment fee required.

Elective Course

PEN 1136 Theory and practice of compressed-gas diving. Certification earned: Open Water Diver (Summer only)

Program Faculty


Darren DeDario
Dive Locker Supervisor
Barron 132
(850) 770-2206

Adam Wendt
Dive Safety Officer
Public Safety and Security Support Specialist
Holley A-111-C
(850) 770-2250

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