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CJE 4638L Forensic Death Investigation Lab Summer 2017

Monday (05/15/17) Equivocal Death Investigations Photos

1IMG_8052 Instructor Charla Perdue.jpg


2IMG_8066 Student & computer.jpg


3IMG_8047 Practical Homicide Investigation.jpg


4IMG_8050 Filling Out Forms.jpg


5IMG_8097 Students & computers.jpg


6IMG_8129 Cold Cases.jpg


7IMG_8165 Lab room.jpg


8IMG_8171 Bone box.jpg


9IMG_8178 Bones on table.jpg


10IMG_8185 Bones on table.jpg


11IMG_8200 Bones on table.jpg


12IMG_8207 Bone mapping.jpg


13IMG_8221 Hand bones.jpg


14IMG_8237 Handful of bones.jpg


15IMG_8256 Foot bones.jpg


16IMG_8276 Vertebrae.jpg


17IMG_8279 Class.jpg


18IMG_8284 Dem bones.jpg

Thursday (05/18/17) Outdoor Recovery & Field Methods. Two crime scene sites are identified for this exercise.

01_IMG_8315 Evidence bags.jpg


02_IMG_8318 Tools of the trade.jpg


03_IMG_8344 Instructions for Crime Scene exercise.jpg


04_IMG_8369 Prepping for exercise.jpg


05_IMG_8381 Beginning the sweep.jpg


06_IMG_8412 Site identifying.jpg


07_IMG_8419 Metal detection.jpg


08_IMG_8429 Marking site boundaries.jpg


09_IMG_8446 Photographing the crime scene.jpg


10_IMG_8490 Preparing grid for crime scene.jpg


11_IMG_8498 Photographing the crime scene.jpg


12_IMG_8503 Determning cardinal directions.jpg


13_IMG_8516 Laying the grid.jpg


14_IMG_8534 Grid defined.jpg


15_IMG_8535 Grid sketch.jpg


16_IMG_8541 Removing debris from grid.jpg


17_IMG_8548 Preparing grid.jpg


18_IMG_8549 Removing debris from grid.jpg


19_IMG_8561 Preparing grid.jpg


21_IMG_8576 Marking site as crime scene.jpg


22_IMG_8580 Sketching of crime scene.jpg


23_IMG_8585 Photographing crime scene.jpg


24_IMG_8587 Photographing crime scene.jpg


25_IMG_8624 Laying out grid.jpg


26_IMG_8637 Removing first layer.jpg


27_IMG_8653 Shifting.jpg


28_IMG_8661 Note taking.jpg


29_IMG_8683 Removing first layer.jpg


30_IMG_8705 Bagging evidence.jpg


31_IMG_8709 Bagging evidence.jpg


32_IMG_8735 Skull uncovered.jpg


53_IMG_87726 Skull uncovered.jpg


34_IMG_8767 Marking evidence in grave.jpg


35_IMG_8778 Sketching evidence in grave.jpg


37_IMG_8801 Digging deeper.jpg


38_IMG_8813 Turkey & chicken carcasses for entomology.jpg


39_IMG_8823 Digging deeper.jpg


40_IMG_8846 Digging deeper.jpg


41_IMG_8872 Digging deeper.jpg


42_IMG_8881 Sifting.jpg


43_IMG_8900 Marking evidence.jpg


44_IMG_8905 Measuring plumb bob.jpg


45_IMG_8921 Measuring plumb bob.jpg


46_IMG_8931 Measuring plumb bob.jpg


47_IMG_8935 Measuring plumb bob.jpg


48_IMG_8945 Bagging evidence.jpg


49_IMG_8949 Bagging evidence.jpg


50_IMG_8955 Digging deeper.jpg


51_IMG_8965 Skeletal remains removed.jpg


52_IMG_8967 Metal detector.jpg


Friday (05/119/17) Outdoor recovery and Forensic Entomology, and Exercise Presentations Photos

01_IMG_9022 Entomology lab prep.jpg


02_IMG_9029 Entomology lab tools.jpg


03_IMG_9040 Unloading supplies.jpg


04_IMG_9044 Entomology lecture.jpg


05_IMG_9052 Entomology lecture.jpg


06_IMG_9062 Entomology lecture.jpg


07_IMG_9108 Chicken carcass for entomology lab.jpg


08_IMG_9114 Site prepped for next lab.jpg


09_IMG_9115 Site prepped for next lab.jpg


10_IMG_9123 Site prepped for next lab.jpg


11_IMG_9127 Site prepped for next lab.jpg


12_IMG_9137 Site prepped for next lab.jpg


13_IMG_9155 Site prepped for next lab.jpg


14_IMG_9167 Catching flies.jpg


15_IMG_9170 Prepping containers for specimens.jpg


16_IMG_9171 Prepping containers for specimens.jpg


17_IMG_9175 Prepping containers for specimens.jpg


18_IMG_9179 Prepping containers for specimens.jpg


19_IMG_9195 Prepping containers for specimens.jpg


20_IMG_9196 Catching specimens.jpg


21_IMG_9201 Preserving maggots.jpg


22_IMG_9204 Collecting specimens.jpg


23_IMG_9244 Determining temperatures.jpg


24_IMG_9220 Collecting specimens.jpg


25_IMG_9227 Collecting specimens.jpg


26_IMG_9238 Collecting specimens.jpg


27_IMG_9245 Measuring temperatures.jpg


28_IMG_9251 Collecting specimens.jpg


29_IMG_9257 Recording data.jpg


30_IMG_9262 Catching specimens.jpg


31_IMG_9267 Preserving specimens.jpg


32_IMG_9270 Recording data.jpg


33_IMG_9274 Organizing evidence.jpg


34_IMG_9278 Organizing evidence.jpg


35_IMG_9281 Organizing evidence.jpg


36_IMG_9282 Organizing evidence.jpg


37_IMG_9289 Organizing evidence.jpg


38_IMG_9296 Organizing evidence.jpg


39_IMG_9310 Presenting evidence.jpg


40_IMG_9316 Presenting evidence.jpg


41_IMG_9312 Presenting evidence.jpg


42_IMG_9324 Presenting evidence.jpg


43_IMG_9323 Presenting evidence.jpg

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